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Wedding Hosiery

The wedding bells are ringing and your wedding day has come!

To make this special day even more spectacular, wedding hosiery makes the perfect addition to any wedding attire. We have everything from classic wedding tights in white, as well as more modern stockings with a transparent appearance. No matter cold or hot, the most beautiful day of your life should also certainly be comfortable, as weddings tend to also take a long time. Even slight supporting tights have an advantage as they hold everything together on your way up to the alter and throughout this long day. No matter if you want something classic and simple just under the dress, or an extra sexy accessory for the evening after, you've come to the right place for all of your wedding hosiery needs. With quick delivery and great prices, Hoseria offers a huge range of wedding hosiery to meet every need you have in mind. Read more...

Aside from stockings and pantyhose, we also carry other wedding hosiery and accessories like garter bands, garter belts, strapless stockings, gloves, and shapewear to make your special day both fabulous and enjoyable. No matter the dress, our wedding accessories are sure to add something special to spice up the day while keeping legs cheerful. With brands like Kunert, Gerbe, Cette und Falke, you can be sure that every detail is cared for with this high-quality wedding hosiery.

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Wedding Hosiery

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64 Products.

Tips For Choosing the Perfect Wedding Hosiery

The first thing to consider is what type of wedding gown you have as well as the fabric it's made from. If you have an especially form fitting gown, it certainly isn't comfortable to suck in your stomach the entire day. Instead, opt for one of our figure shapers that extend from the waist down to the mid-thigh, making sure that you continue to have the perfect shape, no matter how much you eat or drink. If you have a dress with a dropped or basque waist (both meant to elongate the torso), thigh highs or stockings with a garter belt are the perfect complimentary wedding hosiery. If you choose a more Cinderlla-like full ball gown, in which all body types are flattered, we would recommend sheer wedding hosiery, especially for when you lift your skirts for the traditional garter removal ceremony.

Another important aspect that can be easily forgotten in the rush of preparation is the toes. Depending upon if you intend to wear open-toed shoes, you may need to opt for wedding hosiery that is footless. Many of our products also come without toe seams, making them extra comfortable for high heels. Reinforced toes go the best with closed-toed shoes and also add to durability during this extensive day.

Your color options shouldn't just be limited to nude, ivory, and white. The most popular and also stylish wedding hosiery contains a sheer appearance, but make sure it's also a tone that goes with your gown. Just as the gown combined many fabric colors, so too can the tights be combined in such a manner. Subtle hints like alabaster, linen, and beyond petal are just a few good examples. If you'd like to add to your sex appeal, opt for wedding hosiery that also shimmers when you move.

When making the choice between comfort and style, go for comfort. A wedding day often entails that you wear your wedding gown for at least five hours with all attention on you. Instead of fidgeting around because something doesn't fit right, make comfortability a priority from the beginning. Wear products that you are familiar with that don't leave room for surprises. To this point, figure shapes come especially in handy. Try them on both standing and while sitting and see if anywhere feels too tights to avoid cutting off circulation. If at any point breathing is compromised, go for an item with lesser support.

Cette Bali StockingsCette Bali Stockings
Transparent Sheen Lycra® stockings with broad Lace Tops
Falke Lunelle 8 Stay-UpsFalke Lunelle 8 Stay-Ups
Luxurious, softly-tinted stay-up stockings. Partly with different-coloured top band. (See colour selection)
Dolci Calze Collant Femme 20 TightsDolci Calze Collant Femme 20 Tights
Lovely wedding hosiery: seamless transparent pantyhose in white and black with nylon gusset that fits seamlessly and unnoticed under clothes or a gown
Levante BRASIL SUMMER 8 TightsLevante BRASIL SUMMER 8 Tights
Ultra-sheer for a naturally tanned appearance, a wonderful piece of wedding hosiery that also works for the honeymoon
Cette Paris Hold-up StockingsCette Paris Hold-up Stockings
Hold-up stocking with satin effect and transparent toe.
Jonathan Aston Fishnet TightsJonathan Aston Fishnet Tights
$8.43 now only $5.06
  • - 40 %
Interesting fishnet tights for any exotic occasion, available especially in orange for some added playfulness
Leg Avenue Elbow-Length Fingerless Lace GlovesLeg Avenue Elbow-Length Fingerless Lace Gloves
$11.23 now only $6.73
  • - 40 %
Elbow length, fingerless gloves with lace mesh pattern by Leg Avenue , available in delicate black or white
Falke Matt Deluxe 20 Stay upsFalke Matt Deluxe 20 Stay ups
Beautify your legs with these classy smooth, sheer stockings with lacey thigh bands with silicone bands to keep them in place
Cette Salzburg Stay-up StockingsCette Salzburg Stay-up Stockings
The Marlene Dietrich look, with the comfort of a modern stay-up stocking.
Kunert Chinchillan 20 TightsKunert Chinchillan 20 Tights
One less thing to go wrong on your perfect day: these guaranteed not to run tights from Kunert are sure to remain durable
Leg Avenue Velvet Opera Legth GlovesLeg Avenue Velvet Opera Legth Gloves
Leg Avenue silky velvet opera gloves: soft, elegant and perfect for a classy night out
Glamory Vital 40 Support Hold-upsGlamory Vital 40 Support Hold-ups
Knitted with extra width on upper thighs to support those with extra curves, these stockings also come with a support function
Leg Avenue Lace Garterbelt with Matching Thong SetLeg Avenue Lace Garterbelt with Matching Thong Set
Leg Avenue flowery lace garter belt made from micro-fishnet with matching G-string
Glamory My Size Allure Shiny Hold-upsGlamory My Size Allure Shiny Hold-ups
Glittery is the best way to go for wedding hosiery with these sheer plus size stay-ups with lace patterned thigh bands
Kunert Fresh Up 10 PantyhoseKunert Fresh Up 10 Pantyhose
Cooling effect pantyhose from Kunert with special micro fiber technology that works with the natural balance of the skin to provide regeneration

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