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Men’s Tights: Functional and Warm!

During winter, opaque tights, especially with a thermo-function, are a good choice for men. This hosiery is mainly different from women’s tights in that the cuts in the trousers are for men. Men's hosiery can also be used as functional, yet stylish underwear or exercise wear that can complement a man's wardrobe perfectly whether it`s during exercise, at hobby or at work. Read more...

In the HOSIERIA Online-Shop you can find many transparent and opaque tights so there is no longer any reason for cold feet and legs in the winter - even with the gentlemen.

Hosiery For Men

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11 Products.

Aren't tights just for women?

Many years ago, it was actually the men who wore the tights, not women. Since their introduction in 1959, tights have a reputation as being a women's only fashion accessory. However, tights were originally intended for men's use and their history actually stems back hundreds of years. Otherwise known as "mantyhose", "brosiery" or "guylons", tights and pantyhose for men are especially useful during exercise because they are flexible, hold everything in place, and also help keep you warm. Hosiery for men can make the perfect extra layer under shorts or other pants while walking or exercising in cold temperatures, as well as keep you feeling stylish at any point in the day.

How Can Tights Help Against Medical Conditions?

Another reason tights can also belong to the men's hosiery category is that they are especially helpful for medical reasons, especially for those with conditions that involve leg or ankle swelling, vericose veins, lymphedema (also involving swelling), among many others. Often referred to as "compression stockings", wearing tights can help relief the swelling and discomfort from these medical conditions.

Do Men's Tights Work for Sports?

Last but not least, it may come as a surprise, but men's hosiery is also useful for scuba diving. Wearing an extra layer of pantyhose under a wetsuit and helps combat cold water temperatures, as well as making the wetsuit easier to take on and off. Furthermore, pantyhose also protect the wearer from jellyfish stings. Research has shown that jellyfish stings aren't triggered by touch, but rather by chemicals found on the skin, therefore, the more you're able to cover up, the better protected you will feel all around!This is only just one example. Men's hosiery can work for any sport.

Glamory for Men Classic 20 TightsGlamory for Men Classic 20 Tights
Glamory men's hosiery: classic 20 tights with sheer matte appearance and extremely comfortable material and build
Rogo Colorful Costume Tights for MenRogo Colorful Costume Tights for Men
$12.84 now only $7.70
  • - 40 %
Colorful hosiery for men: Rogo Costume Tights with Lycra® that creates a perfect fit
Glamory for Men Support 40 TightsGlamory for Men Support 40 Tights
Semisheer elegance and reliable light support make these tights ideal for men's hosiery
Collanto Leg Support 40 Men TightsCollanto Leg Support 40 Men Tights
Light support Tights for Men of semiopaque, silky matte Appearance
Glamory for Men Microman 100 TightsGlamory for Men Microman 100 Tights
The perfect hosiery for men: snug fitting opaque Microfibre tights with fly and reinforced toes for durability
Collanto Leg Support 70 Men's Support TightsCollanto Leg Support 70 Men's Support Tights
Transparent, matte 70 Denier Light Support Pantyhose for Men.
Collanto Aurel 40 Pantyhose for MenCollanto Aurel 40 Pantyhose for Men
Soft and semiopaque Microfibre Tights for Men of extra soft Quality
Collanto Aurel 70 Opaque Men's PantyhoseCollanto Aurel 70 Opaque Men's Pantyhose
Smooth and opaque Microfiber 70 Denier Pantyhose for men
Collanto Micro 100 Men's TightsCollanto Micro 100 Men\'s Tights
Ultra-opaque, non-reinforced Microfiber matte Pantyhose for Men with Fly
Glamory for MenSupport 70 TightsGlamory for MenSupport 70 Tights
With the pleasant and reliable light support effect, these tights make the perfect hosiery for men
Compressana Microcotton Support PantyhoseCompressana Microcotton Support Pantyhose
Medium support Pantyhose with Microfibre Surface and Cotton-Lycra Inner Surface

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