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Knee High Socks

Find your perfect knee high socks for any kind of occasion and season by top brands in this category. Choose from various exquisite materials such as comfy cotton, warming, pure wool, fishnet, tulle stretch or nylon in sheer and opaque textures and appearances. We have suitable knee high socks for for everyday purposes or socks featuring decorative and eye-catching patterns for special occasions.

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Our manufacturers use the best knitting technologies and exquisite material compositions to create our enormous selection of knee high socks to be durable, look good and and of course be comfortable. Knee high socks with supporting compression or climate regulating functionality are also available in this category.

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138 Products.

What do you wear knee high socks with?

Knee high socks can be fashionable any time of the year. During the colder seasons, knee high socks are easily layered over tights, jeans or leggings. Pair them with some tall boots so the tops peak out and you've got an especially cute look. Another option is to wear knee high socks with ankle boots and a dress. Or you can get the famous "Clueless" look by pairing them with a plain skirt. If you're facing warmer weather, knee high socks go well under denim shorts in combination with combat boots. You can also wear them under a vintage inspired dress with Mary-Jane shoes. Get the 90s look by wearing them under a skater skirt, crop top, and chunky shoes. To get a fun look, wear neutral toned knee high socks over patterned tights. And as with almost all fashionable hosiery, knee high socks pair perfectly with an oversized sweater or t-shirt.

When were knee high socks invented?

No one can say for sure, but the wearing of knee high socks goes as far back as the ancient Romans and Egyptians to help keep their feet warm. At the beginning, they were often made of simple cloth or leather and were wrapped around the feet under sandals. As time went on, they became popular for military use because they fit well under boots to help retain body heat and protect against chafing. Knee high socks first became widely popular in the 1960s with the introduction of the mini skirt, often belong to girls' school uniforms. Typically thought of as a more formal style of socks, knee highs today are often made of stocking materials like nylon as opposed to cotton like ankle socks.

Falke Ultra Energizing Knee High SocksFalke Ultra Energizing Knee High Socks
  • New
Falke black, ultra-energizing cotton and nylon blend knee high socks with high elastane count for flexibility
Falke Energizing Cotton Knee High SocksFalke Energizing Cotton Knee High Socks
  • New
Falke energizing knee high socks that improve leg circulation, allowing for more power and ease in everyday life
Compressana Sport Inverno Functional Knee High SocksCompressana Sport Inverno Functional Knee High Socks
  • New
Compressana Sport wool and nylon blend knee high socks with elastane and reinforced toes, in gray or black
Nur Die Sommerleicht Knee High SocksNur Die Sommerleicht Knee High Socks
Give your legs a flawless summer look with these nude tone knee high socks from Nur Die, available in 3 nude tones
Kunert Edelweiss Style Ladies knee highKunert Edelweiss Style Ladies knee high
Openwork traditional Cotton Knee-highs in ivory or white
Nur Die Vitastuetz Knee High SocksNur Die Vitastuetz Knee High Socks
(3 pack)
Nur Die subtle gloss, transparent nylon knee high socks with medium compression capabilities, one size
Hudson LillyPut 20 Double Pack of sheer Knee-highsHudson LillyPut 20 Double Pack of sheer Knee-highs
Double pack of one size fits all knee-high socks in nude and pastel tones with a velvety soft feel for a flawless appearance
Hudson Simply Shine 15 Knee High Socks Triple PackHudson Simply Shine 15 Knee High Socks Triple Pack
  • New
Hudson Simply Shine transparent, nude toned knee high socks made of nylon with elastane for flexibility and reinforced toes
Gilofa 2000 microfibre support Knee Highs unisexGilofa 2000 microfibre support Knee Highs unisex
  • New
Gilofa 2000 microfiber light summer support and travel unisex knee-high socks in 4 colors and in sizes 36-47
Nur Die Bamboo Knee High Socks for WomenNur Die Bamboo Knee High Socks for Women
Ultra-soft temperature balancing viscose knee high socks of colour retaining and shape retaining quality
Elbeo Perfect Curves 20 Knee High SocksElbeo Perfect Curves 20 Knee High Socks
Elbeo Perfect Curves 20 extra-stretchy sheer and silky matte knee high socks for strong calves with broad comfort tops
ELBEO Nachtglanz 20 Knee Highs SocksELBEO Nachtglanz 20 Knee Highs Socks
Elbeo transparent nylon knee high socks with non-reinforced toes, 4 color options, size 35-42
ELBEO Bamboo Travel Knee High SocksELBEO Bamboo Travel Knee High Socks
Elbeo bamboo travel knee high socks made of nylon blend with bamboo, comes with reciprocated heels, sizes 35-42
ELBEO Classic Wool Knee High SocksELBEO Classic Wool Knee High Socks
ELBEO classic women's wool knee high socks with cotton lining for an extra soft touch, 5 color choices
ELBEO Elegance Seidenmatt 40 Knee High Socks Double PackELBEO Elegance Seidenmatt 40 Knee High Socks Double Pack
$11.64 now only $6.99
  • - 40 %
ELBEO Elegance Seidenmatt 40 Two Pack semi-sheer 40 knee high socks: save 5 euros compared to single pair price!

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