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Crotchless Tights

Check out HOSIERIA'S range of lovely and seductive crotchless tights. Whether made of shiny of nylon, delicately patterned lace or soft fishnet, no crotchless tights offer the same comfort and satisfaction, but also bear the secret of intimate seduction.

But open crotch tights do not merely serve as sensual incentives. They are also useful for women who do not like gussets, which can be uncomfortable for several reasons: the gusset is actually superfluous if one is used to wearing panties underneath the tights. Also in combination with shaping briefs, gusset free crotchless tights feel more comfortable and fit better.

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We have some great brands at your disposal such as Leg Avenue, who offers a variety of crotchless tights which are available in two different one size versions. Glamory has also created a fabulous open crotch design for curvy plus size women.

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For Both Practical and Sensual Outfits

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11 Products.

Why wear crotchless tights?

Other than the obvious sensual reasons, wearing crotchless tights can actually have a few practical functions. First off, if you're wearing shapewear garments, these items can often be difficult, if not impossible, to take off in order to use the ladie's room. Instead of holding it all day, something actually extremely unhealthy, opt for a crotchless option to make tinkle time all that much easier. The same idea can be taken for traveling. Maybe the restroom is small and you can't move around, or there is a different idea of a restroom altogether. An easy workaround for travel on trains, planes, and buses is to wear a crotchless alternative to make things much more simple. Lastly, some women actually prefer crotchless tights because they typically don't come with a gusset (extra room around the crotch area). If you wear panties underneath tights and other hosiery, these gussets can actually create bunching, which then leads to chafing, quite the uncomfortable scenario. A nicer alternative is to opt for a crotchless version and then in combination with underwear, the item is much more enjoyable to wear.

Where do crotchless tights come from?

Before the 1800s there basically wasn't the concept of underwear as we know it today. Believe it or not, underwear that closes is a relatively new invention. Hundreds of years ago, underwear was tight around the waist to make room for the many layers of skirts and petticoats women were expected to wear. It made much more sense to wear them this way because taking a trip to the bathroom meant stripping completely naked or not stripping at all. With these restrictions, it's a no brainer why it made much more sense not to have panties with closed bottoms.
Knickerbockers were introduced in the 1850s, but they were completely unfashionable, impractical and basically unhealthy so they didn't stick around long. As the 1900s rolled around, women were expected to do more "manly" things like riding bikes so a different type of underwear was required. There were options like trapdoors or split leg underwear. After WWI, women made up a bulk of the workforce so the only option was to wear panties more like men did. Then with the introduction of elastic, problems with taking panties on and off became a thing of the past, leading to the panties with all the frills that we are more used to today.

MissO Crotchless Seamed TightsMissO Crotchless Seamed Tights
MissO sheer and shiny transparent back seamed crotchless tights, available in 4 colors and sizes S-XXL
Leg Avenue 20 Sheer Crotchless TightsLeg Avenue 20 Sheer Crotchless Tights
Classic transparent black pantyhose from Leg Avenue, also available in plus size (90-160 lbs/40-60 kg)
Giulia Intimo 20 Crotchless TightsGiulia Intimo 20 Crotchless Tights
Crotchless tights without gusset with a slight sheen by Giulia, available in black or brown and sizes S-L
Glamory Ouvert 20 TightsGlamory Ouvert 20 Tights
Sheer, shiny and sassy crotchless plus size tights of 20 den in nude or black, available in sizes 40-62
MissO Opaque Crotchless TightsMissO Opaque Crotchless Tights
Crotchless tights from MissO: extremely comfortable due to the lack of gusset, available in 3 colors and in size S-XXL
Leg Avenue Tear Drop Garter Belt StockingsLeg Avenue Tear Drop Garter Belt Stockings
Transparent lace stockings from Leg Avenue with attached lace garter belt, available as one size (90-160 lbs/40-60 kg)
MissO Crotchless TightsMissO Crotchless Tights
MissO silky soft, sheer crotchless tights available in 8 fabulous colors and sizes S-XXL
MissO Crotchless Tights with Lace WaistbandMissO Crotchless Tights with Lace Waistband
MissO sassy and shiny crotchless tights with decorative, broad lace waistband, available in white, brown, red, black and pink
Leg Avenue Crotchless Fishnet TightsLeg Avenue Crotchless Fishnet Tights
Snug, but stretching crotchless fishnet tights from Leg Avenue in plus size (150-200 lbs/ 70-90 kg)
Leg Avenue Ouvert Fishnet PantyhoseLeg Avenue Ouvert Fishnet Pantyhose
Classic, simple Leg Avenue fishnet tights without crotch, comes with comfort waist band, available in one size (90-160 lbs/40-70 kg)
Leg Avenue Crotchless Fishnet TightsLeg Avenue Crotchless Fishnet Tights
Simple, crotchless fishnet tights by Leg Avenue in black or white, available in one size (90-160 lbs/ 40-60 kg)

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