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Compressana is specialized in manufacturing ideally fitting hosiery with support and compression functionality. The vitalising and health enhancing effect is matched with an elegant and fashionable appearance. Read more...

This is important as more and more people suffer from strained legs due to having endure long periods of sitting or standing which can lead to severe venous disorders if not taken care of as early as possible. The support classes range from light to very strong. However, Compressana makes sure the healty leg effect is in line with an attractive look. Fine tights and knee-highs are available in sheer, semi-sheer and opaque texture as well as the hold ups which are made with lovely feminine lace tops. In additon Compressana offers a unique combination of soft cotton knit with effective support for tights, hold ups and knee-highs. There is a variety of basic shades to choose from but trendy bright colours are well available.

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29 Products.

The Compressana brand was founded in 1962. It quickly established itself as an expert manufacturer and supplier for medical products as well as for the general market with the Beautyline fine hosiery collection or the GoWell socks especially made for sensitive feet.

Compressana Aktiv Bandage SocksCompressana Aktiv Bandage Socks
Sports and leisure socks, which act like bandages around your foot and ankle.
Compressana Calypso 40 Support Light TightsCompressana Calypso 40 Support Light Tights
Supporting tights with light compression. (ca. 8-10 mm Hg)
Compressana Calypso 40 Support Light Knee-Highs Double PackCompressana Calypso 40 Support Light Knee-Highs Double Pack
Soft and delicate 40 denier supporting knee-highs by Compressana.
Compressana Calypso 40 Support Light Knee-Highs Massage SoleCompressana Calypso 40 Support Light Knee-Highs Massage Sole
40 denier supporting knee-highs (ca. 8-10 mm Hg) by Compressana. With massage sole.
Compressana Calypso 40 Support Light Stay-UpsCompressana Calypso 40 Support Light Stay-Ups
40 denier supporting stay-ups (ca. 8-10 mm Hg) with a ca. 9 cm wide lace top.
Compressana Calypso 70 Medium Support TightsCompressana Calypso 70 Medium Support Tights
Semi-transparent 70 denier tights by Compressana.
Compressana Microcotton Support PantyhoseCompressana Microcotton Support Pantyhose
Medium support Pantyhose with Microfibre Surface and Cotton-Lycra Inner Surface
Compressana Calypso 70 Medium Support Tights ExtrawideCompressana Calypso 70 Medium Support Tights Extrawide
Medium Support Tights with comfy Front and Rear Panel
Compressana GoWell Med X-Static SpezialsockenCompressana GoWell Med X-Static Spezialsocken
Fine special socks with pure silver for sensitive feet. Anti fungal effect: grade 1.
Compressana Calypso 70 Medium Support Knee-HighsCompressana Calypso 70 Medium Support Knee-Highs
70 denier supporting knee-highs (ca. 10-14 mm Hg) by Compressana.
Compressana GoWell Med Multi FunktionssockenCompressana GoWell Med Multi Funktionssocken
Decompress, adaptive multifunction socks.
Compressana Calypso 140 Strong Support TightsCompressana Calypso 140 Strong Support Tights
High-quality 140 denier strong support (ca. 15-18 mm Hg) tights by Compressana.

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