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Men's Socks

Now we've got a deal for you. When it comes to men's socks, we known best. Socks in cotton, wool or microfibre and the beloved CoolMax covers both cold and warm seasons. Our socks provide your with suitable options for any occasion and colors that fit every unique taste such as colorful dress socks, checkered knee socks, also with support function, or simply sporty, chic running socks. Our leading brands include, among others Nur Der, Burlington, Hudson and Kunert, where you can always rely on the highest quality and best workmanship. Playful, traditional or extravagant patterns complete our fantastic offering.

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The classics, like the Hawk Run socks come in many colors and are perfect for sports. Or take the Falke Airport socks whose classic mid-cut interface is perfect for suits. We offer men's socks from exclusive and sustainable materials like bamboo, patterned paisley socks, and casual socks with a variety of choice of colors. Be the special eye-catcher on the go and in the office.

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105 Products.

What is viscose?

Created in the late 1800s by French scientists, viscose, also known as rayon, is a partially synthetic fiber that is made in structure similar to cotton, but comes from plants such as soy, bamboo, and sugar cane. The cellulose itself is derived from wood pulp. It is a relatively soft fiber often used in outerwear as well as shirts, dresses and lining.

What is elastane?

Elastane was invented in Germany in the late 1930s. Also known under the brand names of Spandex and Lycra, elastane has the most stretching capability of all textile raw materials. Elastane fibers are both comfortable and flexible, making them great for clothing. Elastane can be used in a mere 2% in jeans or anything from 15-40% in swimwear and sportswear. It is also not sensitive to moisture, making it ideal for wearing in the water, but should be rinsed out after you are finished. Elastane is commonly blended with other materials to add elasticity to already existing product shapes.

Nur Der Cotton Maxx Comfort Socks for MenNur Der Cotton Maxx Comfort Socks for Men
(3 pack)
Nur Der Cotton Maxx Comfort basic cotton core-yarn socks for men with reciprocated toes, 3 color options
Nur Der Bamboo Comfort Socks for MenNur Der Bamboo Comfort Socks for Men
(3 pack)
Durable and ultra-soft rayon socks with soft tops, elastane and reciprocated heels, 5 color choices and sizes 6.5-11.5
Camano unisex sport socks 2pairsCamano unisex sport socks 2pairs
Camano sport socks are vein-friendly and super soft for both men and women. 2 pair pack and 5 different colors
Elbeo Bamboo Sensitive Socks for MenElbeo Bamboo Sensitive Socks for Men
Elbeo Bamboo sensitive silver ionized soft top socks for men, especially suitable for diabetics, sizes 39-50
Nur Der 3 in 1 Effect Socks for MenNur Der 3 in 1 Effect Socks for Men
Nur Der 3 in 1 Effect men's socks with thermo regulating and super soft rayon, cotton and linen blend knit
Elbeo Cotton Socks for MenElbeo Cotton Socks for Men
Elbeo nylon and cotton socks for men with elastane-free comfort tops and reciprocated heels, 5 color choices
Esprit Men's Socks in 5 PackEsprit Men's Socks in 5 Pack
Esprit men's socks in 5 pack, made of cotton and nylon blend, elastane, and reciprocated heels, in blue or gray
Elbeo Bamboo Warm Socks for MenElbeo Bamboo Warm Socks for Men
Elbeo Bamboo warm winter socks for men with reciprocated heels and hand-linked toes, 5 color options, sizes 39-46
Kunert Clark Socks For MenKunert Clark Socks For Men
Mercerised cotton socks for men with elastane, reciprocated heels and reinforced toes, sizes 6,5-12,5
Kunert Gary Socks for MenKunert Gary Socks for Men
Best quality men's socks with finest virgin wool and cotton.
Nur Der Men's Sport Socks Three PackNur Der Men's Sport Socks Three Pack
With comfortably plushed Soles
Falke Non-Slip House Socks for MenFalke Non-Slip House Socks for Men
Soft, virgin wool men's house socks from Falke with non-slip soles with fleece lining, 5 color choices, sizes 37-46

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