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Nylon Socks

In our sock category, you can find many nylon socks made from multiple materials that include different cuts and patterns. Our leading manufacturers include Kunert, Nur Die, Falke, Hudson, Oroblu and more. With our large selection of brands, we are sure that you can find the perfect item. Our selection of nylon socks come in dark colors like black and dark blue. For nude tones, we have everything from very light to dark skin, covering every kind of ankle, while also blending in. In addition to the perfect color, brand items are distinguishable by their uniform mesh pattern. They can be anything from matte or glossy, as well as transparent or opaque. Almost all of our items have a reinforced tip that makes the material not only more robust, but also guarantees a better grip, while the seam is hardly noticeable.

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With us, you have the choice between bold pattern mixes and lively color combinations. With choices that include Leo to Zickzack by Emilio Cavallini, as well as polka dots and floral prints from Hudson & Co., your sock shopping is guaranteed to be as fun as wearing them!

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33 Products.

Can nylon socks help against blisters?

Surprisingly, yes. Many people would assume that a material like cotton is the best choice for a hiking trip, but actually that's one of the worst materials you can choose. Cotton doesn't rate number one regarding wicking, or moisture transportation and therefore can actually be the complete cause of blisters. Many woman have used nylon socks to prevent blisters when wearing flats for decades, and the same premises can be used for underneath sports shoes. Short distance running or a walk on the beach would probably require more of a wool or polyester blend, but when it comes to long distance, nylons make greater foot liners. You can wear them as just socks are as a layer underneath another pair of thicker socks for cooler days and you're guaranteed to never develop a blister.

Nur Die Cotton Soled SocksNur Die Cotton Soled Socks
Nur Die cotton soled nylon socks for foot temperature regulation with reinforced toes and heels, sizes 35-42
Nur Die Socks Double PackNur Die Socks Double Pack
Nur Die nylon socks in a double pack with non-reinforced toes and elastane for flexibility, one size fits all
Nur Die Cotton Sensation SöckchenNur Die Cotton Sensation Söckchen
(3 pack)
Fine opaque mesh and snug Wearing Comfort
Falke Seidenglatt 15 Nylon Socks for WomenFalke Seidenglatt 15 Nylon Socks for Women
Falke nylon socks for women with a seductive mother-of-pearl sheen, tons of color options, size 35-42
Nur Die Seidenfein Nylon SocksNur Die Seidenfein Nylon Socks
(5 pack)
Ultra-transparent nylon socks from Nur Die with silky gloss with tops and reinforced toes, one size 36-41
Nur Die Socks 20 Double PackNur Die Socks 20 Double Pack
(3 pack)
Transparent, fine nylon socks with excellent fit and reinforced and stitched toes, one size 36-41
Nur Die Transparent Nylon SocksNur Die Transparent Nylon Socks
(3 pack)
Sheer and shimmery Lycra® fitting perfection: Nur Die transparent nylon socks in one size, 3 color options
Nur Die Fine Sneaker SocksNur Die Fine Sneaker Socks
(3 pack)
Opaque sneaker socks with fresh mint fragrance from Nur Die in 3 basic colors, sizes 35-42
Falke Shelina 12 Nylon SocksFalke Shelina 12 Nylon Socks
Falke nylon socks for women with a summer-light, softly-tinted transparency, 5 color options and sizes 35-42
Falke Cotton Touch Short Roll-Up SocksFalke Cotton Touch Short Roll-Up Socks
Classic ladies socks by FALKE made ​​of fine, soft cotton with elastane, available in 5 colors and sizes 35-42

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