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Bonnie Doon Cotton Short Socks

Bonnie Doon Cotton Short Socks

Wonderful seam free and soft Cotton Quality - availble up to Shoe Size 52/16(US)
$5.86 now only $2.93
  • - 50 %
Hudson Relax Dry Cotton  Socks for Men

Hudson Relax Dry Cotton Socks for Men

Hudson Relax dry cotton soft top socks with climate regulating soles and reciprocated heels, many color options
Camano unisex sport socks 2pairs

Camano unisex sport socks 2pairs

Camano sport socks are vein-friendly and super soft for both men and women. 2 pair pack and 5 different colors
$8.47 now only $4.24
  • - 50 %
Compressana Go Well Med Multi-Function Socks

Compressana Go Well Med Multi-Function Socks

Compressana Go Well medical multi-functional socks made of cotton and nylon blend, 3 color options
Hudson Relax Cotton Men Socks

Hudson Relax Cotton Men Socks

Luxurious, durable and healthy due to pure cotton- perfect for every day, all year long. 97% pure cotton socks for men.
Hudson Relax Exquisite Socks for Men

Hudson Relax Exquisite Socks for Men

Hudson Relax Exquisit men's soft top mercerized cotton socks with elastane, many color options, sizes

Having the perfect men's socks for business or leisure contributes a large part to the well-being of the man. In our wide product range, you can find everything from the classic cotton sock to knee high socks made ​​of high quality merino wool. We are sure to have all the business socks you will ever need. We have men's socks in bright colors and classic patterns, half-height cut socks that go well under suit pants, as well as knee high socks. To find the ideal sock for you, it is worth it to try out socks from different manufacturers until you have the perfect for your needs. We have free returns so you've come to the perfect place to get started!

Check out our whole selection of socks here: Socks

We also have a whole category of socks specifically for men here: Socks for Men


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What is merino wool?

Merino wool comes from special Merino sheep bred in Spain during the 1700s. During the end of the century, the sheep were introduced to Australia and through the process of selective breeding, created an extremely fine fiber known as the authentic Australian Merino wool. Merino wool is the softest wool in the world due to it's composition of intricate fibers. They can bend better than normal wool and have a high elasticity, making them retain their shape well. Merino wool is specifically made of keratin, similar to human hair, and is entirely biodegradable. These elements combined make it the most precious type of wool available and it is exceptionally comfy for socks.

What is mercerized cotton?

Mercerized cotton is a process that involves processing cotton fibers so that they result in a swelling in the cell wall of the fibers. This newly created surface area results in reflectance, while also making the fiber softer. Some mercerized cotton even goes through a secondary "singeing", or the passing through of an open flame, so that it improves the fiber's appearance even further.

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