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Cette Fashion Lace Fishnet Socks

Cette Fashion Lace Fishnet Socks

Trendy fishnet Socks with refined lace pattern. Reinforced toes, smooth toe seams and comfort band.
Kunert Home Socks Ankle Socks

Kunert Home Socks Ankle Socks

Kunert Home Socks unisex rayon and nylon blend ankle socks with plush on the inside, size 35-42
Camano Socks 3 Pack

Camano Socks 3 Pack

Camano pressure-free cotton ankle socks in 3-pack with reciprocated heels and stitched toes, size 35-49
$7.57 now only $3.79
  • - 50 %
Hudson Only Sneaker Socks Double Pack

Hudson Only Sneaker Socks Double Pack

Hudson cotton sneaker socks in a double pack with comfort tops, reinforced heels, and hand-linked toes
Cette Chambord Eco Socks

Cette Chambord Eco Socks

40 denier ECO socks from recycled yarn
  • New
Cette Colored Striped Socks Double Pack

Cette Colored Striped Socks Double Pack

Cette Colored Striped Socks: A mood-boosting duo for any day. Multicolored stripes and a comfortable fit for vibrant style. Double Pack
$12.25 now only $9.19
  • - 25 %

Do you enjoy wearing shoes like loafers and tennis shoes? Or maybe you don't like your socks sticking out above your shoes? If any of those is a yes, then ankle socks are a good choice choice as they should fit just above the back heel of the shoe. We have compiled just for you a great selection of ankle socks from high-quality, experienced manufacturers. We have all the classic socks that you may need for at the office, at home, and on the go. In the case of the classic cotton ankle sock, you will find options for the perfect fit due their comfort bands, elastane tops, and climate regulating capabilities.

Check out our whole selection of socks here: Socks

We also have socks specifically for men here: Socks for Men


Here at Hosieria, we love socks, especially those that fit ideally with sneakers, whether for everyday use or for exercise.

How can you keep ankle socks from falling down?

Once you've purchased a pair of ankle socks and have problems with them falling down, the bad news is that there isn't much you can do to improve it. The best solution is to make some considerations before buying. Sagging begins when elastic wears out or wasn't originally in good quality. To stop this from happening, invest a bit more in higher-quality socks. They won't start drooping so quickly and you'll be satisfied for longer. Another thing you can do is buy a bigger size. Falling down can also occur if the ankle socks you bought are too small. When in doubt, buy a size up.

When were ankle socks invented?

Ankle socks became not just trendy, but actually necessary after WWII when nylon rations made longer socks impossible to find. They were soon seen as a new trend due to their shorter cut and more lightweight feel. During the 60s they became internationally popular and are now a part of most people's basic wardrobe.

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