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Back Seamed Stockings

If you love the vintage back seam look from the 50s and 60s, you'll love our selection here. But we've also included a modern, easy to handle alternative. Now you can get the classy back seamed look but without all the fuss of a garter belt and suspenders. Most of our back seamed stockings are made with gripping silicone bands that are sure not to fall down. If you are allergic to silicone, look out for the brand Leg Avenue, as they often have silicone-free products, but with the same great stay up capabilities. With everything from fishnet to lace or more modern patterns, you've made the right choice by shopping at the Hosieria online shop.

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Most strapless stockings have silicone bands in the tops to ensure a mon-slip fit unless creme or lotion has been freshly applied to the legs.

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22 Products.

Are back seamed stockings appropriate at work?

In general yes, but it depends on the office environment that you work in that the type of stockings that you choose. If you were to choose, for example, hello kitty stockings, that would be an automatic NO GO. However, if you choose stockings that are more in opaque side, even with dense micro fishnet, they can make lovely accessories to office wear. There is a lot of stigma about stockings and what one woman may love, another woman may cringe at the sight and deem inappropriate. In the end, it depends completely on the person. So, if you'd like to try wearing back seamed stockings at work, go for it. The important thing to remember is not too flashy is the best, as well as making sure that when you put them on, the back seam is in alignment.

Is it possible to repair nylon seams?

As with other clothing seams, nylon seams are also repairable. It is advised, however, to take special care when you are doing so because nylon is quite a delicate material. One option is to use nylon repair tape, basically the same stuff used to repair outdoor gear. If it works for outdoor gear, you can imagine this to also be a durable fix. You can also choose to use hot glue, but be sure to have steady hands when going for this option because it's easy to get the glue on more than just the seam, leaving a permanent stain on the material. The tried and true repair method is with needle and thread. Do this by turning the garment inside out and tying off the loose threads around the tear. Start by making a back stitch just before the rip, one of the strongest types of stitches. Bring the needle through both layers of fabric so that the stitches overlap. Then, finish the seam by pressing it flat or making an overcast stitch. This involves pulling the needle and thread through both pieces of fabric from underneath and then go over the seam allowance in a diagonal manner and reinsert the thread, but don't pull it too tight. Repeat until the hole is covered and secure them in place with a back stitch and press the seam.

Leg Avenue Plus Size Back Seamed Fishnet StockingsLeg Avenue Plus Size Back Seamed Fishnet Stockings
Leg Avenue fishnet tights with black back seam and lace thigh pattern, available in plus size (130-200 lbs)
CHIC 20 Back Seamed StockingsCHIC 20 Back Seamed Stockings
CHIC 20 sheer and shiny seamed lace top back seamed stockings, available in dark brown, nude and black
Falke Corsage StockingsFalke Corsage Stockings
Strapless stockings with attractive satin bands and back seam with finely knit fishnet in black or white
MissO Strapless Stockings with HeartsMissO Strapless Stockings with Hearts
Lovely stockings that can be wedding hosiery, part of a costume, or just for a sensual night, size S-XXL available
Trasparenze Jessy Hold-upsTrasparenze Jessy Hold-ups
Silky matte appearance stay-ups with slightly reinforced heels and toes with a back seam makes for immaculate wedding hosiery
Levante Riga 20 StockingsLevante Riga 20 Stockings
Transparent stockings from Levante in 20 den with wide lace tops with silicone bands, sizes 1-4
Leg Avenue Back Seamed Fishnet StockingsLeg Avenue Back Seamed Fishnet Stockings
Suspenderless micro fishnet stockings from Leg Avenue with back seam in one size (90-160 lbs/40-60 kg)
Cette Salzburg Back Seamed StockingsCette Salzburg Back Seamed Stockings
The Marlene Dietrich look, with the comfort of a modern back seamed stocking, available in S-M (36-39)
Kunert Raffinesse Back Seamed StockingsKunert Raffinesse Back Seamed Stockings
Kunert back seamed stockings with lace tops and fitted heels, available in sizes S-M (35-40)
Leg Avenue Back Seamed StockingsLeg Avenue Back Seamed Stockings
Floral laced back seamed stockings without silicone bands, in 3 colors and one size (90-160 lbs), perfect as wedding hosiery
Glamory Couture 20 Back Seamed StockingsGlamory Couture 20 Back Seamed Stockings
Feminine elegance for sensual curves: 20 den back seamed stockings from Glamory, also in plus size
Cecilia de Rafael Hyde Park 20 Back Seamed StockingsCecilia de Rafael Hyde Park 20 Back Seamed Stockings
Cecilia de Rafael Hyde Park sheer silky matte back seamed stockings in 3 colors and sizes S-L
Cervin Agnès Couture Back Seamed StockingsCervin Agnès Couture Back Seamed Stockings
Finest satin sheer stretch quality stockings matched with coloured back seam and reciprocated RHT
Cervin Manon 90 Couture Back Seamed StockingsCervin Manon 90 Couture Back Seamed Stockings
Cervin Manon 90 Couture opaque back seamed stockings with colour contrasting seams and RTH heels and toes
Giulia Allure 20 #4 Fashion StockingsGiulia Allure 20 #4 Fashion Stockings
Giulia vintage style back seamed stockings with lace tops in black, brown, and 2 shades of white, sizes XS-L

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