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Fishnet Suspender Stockings

It Doesn't Get Sexier Than Fishnet Stockings

You can feel happy about our selection of charming fishnet stockings! Ideally suited to give seductive lingerie and cheeky party outfits that certain something. Also comfortable to wear, they are made of soft and highly elastic mesh knit that comes in various widths and colors. Read more...

These fishnet stockings are the perfect choice to bring attention to the legs by using either micro-fishnet or a coarse fishnet structure, as well as lace. You can also find flower patterns or strong colors that add to the charm.

Sensualize Your Wardrobe

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9 Products.

Where Did Fishnet Stockings Originate From?

Though it's difficult to pinpoint an exact time that fishnet stockings began to be worn, the earliest that they were mentioned in literature leads back to Aesop's fables from the early 1900s from "The Peasant's Wise Daughter." In the story, a peasant girl is told by a king that if she can solve his riddle, he will marry her. The riddle goes involved that she girl come back to him not naked and not clothed, so she decided to wrap herself in fisherman's net, leading to the sensual factor that fishnet now carries with it.
Other sources say that fishnet stockings became popular during the time of Moulin Rouge in the early 1900s, however this isn't exactly the case, as women during this time wore striped stockings and not fishnets.

When and Why Did Fishnet Stockings Become Popular?

Fishnet stockings first became popular among showgirls in the 1920s, when hemlines began to rise. They were originally popular to the convenient fact that when worn on stage, they actually made it look like the showgirls' legs were covered by full black tights, but as you got closer, more and more skin was revealed. At this point in time, nylon stockings hadn't been invented yet so they were quite practical for stage use. At this time and through the 50s, fishnet stockings were still more associated with more promiscuous women like pin up girls. During the 60s when the miniskirt began to become more popular, many women wore fishnets underneath. When the 70s came along, punks and goths began wearing fishnets and added holes to complete their look. Fishnets finally achieved international status in the 80s when Madonna wore them on stage and by the 90s fashion stylists had began to use fishnet material in every type of clothing and accessory imaginable.

What Are Fishnet Stockings Made Of?

Belonging to the category of hosiery, fishnet involves an wide, diamond-shaped knit stemming from materials such as polypropylene, merino wool, or nylon and is often paired with elastane for flexibility. The materials are usually knit together in layers for durability. Though fishnet stockings are often seen as purely sensual legwear, fishnet is also useful for exercise and outdoor sporting due to the diamond shapes trapping in body heat for extra warmth, as well as the ability to transport moisture rapidly to the skin surface to minimize conductive heat loss.

Leg Avenue Fishnet Cami Garter with G-String and StockingsLeg Avenue Fishnet Cami Garter with G-String and Stockings
An attractive 3-piece set: fishnet top with 4 sewn fishnet suspenders and ruffle hem from Leg Avenue
Leg Avenue Fishnet Stockings with Lace GarterbeltLeg Avenue Fishnet Stockings with Lace Garterbelt
Leg Avenue wide mesh lace fishnet stockings with lace garter belt and lace straps, available in plus size
Leg Avenue 2PC Fishnet Garterbelt and Stockings SetLeg Avenue 2PC Fishnet Garterbelt and Stockings Set
Sassy fishnet stockings two piece with suspenders, plus size stockings available (130-200 lbs)
Leg Avenue Narrow Lace Trim Plus Size Fishnet StockingsLeg Avenue Narrow Lace Trim Plus Size Fishnet Stockings
Fishnet stockings from Leg Avenue in plus size with lace tops and non-reinforced heels and toes
Leg Avenue Fishnet Stockings with Lace TopsLeg Avenue Fishnet Stockings with Lace Tops
Leg Avenue fishnet stockings with lace thigh border, available in black or white, comes in one size (90-160 lbs) and plus size (130-200 lbs)
Leg Avenue Rose Lace Stockings with Lace TopLeg Avenue Rose Lace Stockings with Lace Top
These lovely rose-patterned lace tights from Leg Avenue can add class to any outfit
Leg Avenue Fishnet StockingsLeg Avenue Fishnet Stockings
Sexy and charming: fishnet stockings with thin tops from Leg Avenue, available as one size fits all (90-160 lbs)
Leg Avenue Spandex Industrial Fishnet StockingsLeg Avenue Spandex Industrial Fishnet Stockings
Classy spandex fishnet stockings in red, white, or black, available as one size or plus size (130-200 lbs)
Leg Avenue Industrial Fishnet Stockings with Wide Elastic TopLeg Avenue Industrial Fishnet Stockings with Wide Elastic Top
Leg Avenue classic wide mesh fishnet stocking in pink, white, or red and comes in one size (90-160 lbs)

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