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Patterned Tights: Plain & Multicoloured

Do you love patterned tights the way we do? If yes, please feel free to choose your favourite patterns and designs in this category. Bright pop art tights, or tights with hot looking camouflage and animal print are available as well as elegant tights with pin stripes, herringbone and argyle.
How about some sheers with romantic floral patterns and subtle graphic patterns, zigzags, diamonds or cute dots? These designs always look stunning and very sophisticated in plain black or anthracite. Whatever kind of patterned tights you may need, we are sure to have the perfect item delivered right to your doorstep.

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The use of modern kniting-technology in combination with years of experience enable our producers to turn any kind of design or pattern into fashionable hosiery for any occasion.

Tights with designs inspired by ornaments, tapestry, classic patterns such as hounds tooth, glencheck, herringbone or tweed. Knit tights in an opaque quality are especially attractive in winter, while sheer tattoo tights highlight legs during spring or summer. Patterned tights are simply perfect to prep up outfits with more versatility and trend appeal depending on what colours and designs are chosen any day of the year.

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Provocative Patterns for Delightful Days

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143 Products.

What to wear patterned tights with?

Opting for patterned tights doesn't have to mean that your wardrobe choices are extremely limited. Quite the contrary, there are many ways to use basics that match fashionably with patterned tights. The most popular option for patterned tights is to wear them with neutral, solid colors, something like, for example, polka dot tights with a skater skirt and a black sweater and ankle booties. A second option is to wear floral patterned tights underneath shorts and a loose sweater. If you need an outfit for lighter, warmer days, you can wear striped tights underneath a solid colored dress or wear any pattern under denim shorts with combat boots or flats. If the patterns are in sync, you can also combine simply patterned tights with a patterned skirt or dress at a maximum of two different patterns. The important part is that the patterns don't clash but rather work together. A good example would be a floral patterned skirt with a black base color and lacey, microfishnet tights. An edgy idea can be to continue to wear tights that already have a run in them and just make the runs bigger. Embrace the runs and wear them with boots, a skirt and a crop top.

How to wear patterned tights at the office?

Many women feel as though patterned tights are too exotic for the office. When done improperly, this can be the case, but as fashion has adopted tights more and more into every day fashion, patterned tights can be worn appropriately and stylishly in the office. Let's start with what works: subtle is the keyword here. Small, regular geometric shapes like dots or basket weaves fit especially well for more conservative office environments. Transparent tights can be especially helpful to make a simple business casual outfits more colorful during transitional weather seasons that are layered with grey, black and dark blue.

Things to avoid include large floral or geometric patterns, wide stripes, and busy paisleys because they look much less sophisticated than their smaller patterned cousins. The big NO GO however, falls with fishnets. Though fashion has incorporated fishnet tights away from their promiscuous reputation, every day and office isn't quite up to speed. It is best to wear fishnet tights for special, more formal occasions as opposed to in the office. Stick to floral, lace, and geometrically shaped patterned tights if you want to feel comfortable and classy at the office.

What patterned tights are in style in 2017?

Good news! Patterned tights are all the rage this year in many shapes and forms. Black, sheer patterned tights with polka dots, floral patterns, or stripes are perfectly suitable for throughout the warmer seasons. Faux tattoo tights are a relatively new trend that helps you to get the tattoo look without the heft price and all the hassle. Bolder fashionistas will be excited to know that both wide horizontal and vertical stripes, even in bright colors, and totally trendy. Plaid is on the list of top picks from the fashion elites especially in colors like pink and red. Polka dot lovers can also rejoice that this fashion season includes polka dots of all shapes, sizes and colors. Patterned tights with floral patterns and animal print are shaping all the latest runways. Geometric, contemporary pop art, and optical illusions prints are in style with much of the younger generation and are also quite catchy to look at. If you are feeling especially artsy, portraits and sceneries have begun to appear on the most edgy fashion runways. And last but not least, the classically formal houndstooth pattern has also left its mark this year.

Hudson Fashion TightsHudson Fashion Tights
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Hudson fashion tights with allover ribbed texture, cotton gusset and flat seams, in black or blue, sizes XS-L (36-46)

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