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Children's Socks

At Hosieria you can find all sorts of soft and skin-friendly material socks in varying colors. These socks are not only easy to wash, but also have optimized durability for that constantly moving child. Falke, Bonnie Doon and Ewers are just some of our leading brand manufacturers. In addition to the classic cotton socks, we also have multi-functional product lines that give children the best foot protection at any time of the year. Special socks such as those products that come with foot climate regulating wool are perfect for keeping children's feet warm and dry during every leisure activity. These socks in particular also go well with membrane function shoes. The brand, Falke produces products that ensure optimum moisture wicking to keep a pleasant foot climate. You can not expect more from a children's sock.

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Our children's socks are also especially comfortable to wear because they are made of soft, smooth polyamide as well as elastane for flexibility. Delicate sock cuffs and hand-knit tops ensure the perfect comfortable fit, while the knitted heels ensures that socks stay in place and fit well. Children also really love our fashionable knit socks in multiple cute color combinations. We have a large selection that contains a large color palette with numerous designs that range from cheerful dots to sweet squiggles and interesting star patterns. In addition to sporty designs for little boys, we also have frills and loops for little girls.

Snug & Kid-Friendly

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56 Products.

Can you mend a sock?

If you are a person, or who have little ones who are constantly making holes in their socks and don't want to purchase a new pair every week, there is a simple way to repair the current socks you have and also save a little money at the same time. You will need: scissors, a light bulb, thread (color to match the socks that need patching), yarn, 2 needles (regular sewing needle and yarn darner) and a rubber band. Start by putting the light bulb in the sock and securing it with the rubber band. The tear of the sock should be on the wider part of the light bulb, making it easier to distinguish. Then, clean up the whole by snipping off the extra loose threads. Next, thread your needle and begin whip stitching the edges of the sock. Keep a long tail. You stitches don't need to be close; the stitches are there to keep the hole from getting bigger. Now, create the base for the yarn by making criss-cross stitches to cover the hole. Then use the yarn to weave in and out of the base you stitched and keep doing this until the hole is closed, and voila!

How can you make socks anti-slip?

If you have a house full of tile and/or wood flooring, you know how easy it is for little ones to have a spill. A good way to prevent this, and also a fun project for them, is to make their socks into non-slip. All you need are some socks, cardboard, and some slick paints. First, start by cutting the cardboard into cutouts that are the same size as the little one's feet. Then stick the cutout into the sock so the sole is facing upward. This creates a platform to easily use the slick paints to make whatever patterns your child desires. Leave them to dry for 72 hours and they're good to go.

Falke Catspads Children's Socks for HomeFalke Catspads Children's Socks for Home
Comfortable wool children's house socks with anti-slip sole in vibrant 7 color options, sizes 19-42
Camano Children Sport Socks Double PackCamano Children Sport Socks Double Pack
Camano children’s polyester and cotton blend sports socks for warm, dry feet in double-pack, many color choices
Falke Family Short Children's SocksFalke Family Short Children's Socks
Falke summery ankle socks of the finest cotton knit with knitted-in Ventilation channels in the soles
Falke Family Children Casual Cotton SocksFalke Family Children Casual Cotton Socks
Pure elastic cotton socks for children with reciprocated heels, tons of color options, sizes 19-42
Falke Active Warm Socks for ChildrenFalke Active Warm Socks for Children
Falke socks for warm, dry feet for active kids made of climate regulating virgin wool, size 19-42
Falke Casual 2Friends Children`s Socks Double PackFalke Casual 2Friends Children`s Socks Double Pack
Falke Casual 2Friends cotton children's socks in double pack with elastane, 5 color options and sizes 23-42
Bonnie Doon Frou Frou Children's SocksBonnie Doon Frou Frou Children's Socks
Bonnie Doon Frou Frou cotton blend children's socks with reciprocated heels and elastane, tons of colors to choose from
Esprit 2-pack Logo Socks for ChildrenEsprit 2-pack Logo Socks for Children
Sporty cotton socks for children with colourful 'Esprit' lettering on the feet, many color choices
Hudson Butterfly Children`s Knee High SocksHudson Butterfly Children`s Knee High Socks
Hudson Butterfly children`s knee high socks with elastane and reciprocated heels, 4 color choices, sizes 19-26
Hudson Butterfly Children's SocksHudson Butterfly Children's Socks
$6.12 now only $3.06
  • - 50 %
Soft cotton knit girl's socks with adorable butterfly applications and elastane, size 19-22
Bonnie Doon Rainbow Children's SocksBonnie Doon Rainbow Children's Socks
Rainbow brightness matched with snug Cotton Knit
Falke New Stripe Children's SocksFalke New Stripe Children's Socks
Super fancy and hard-wearing brightly colored Cotton Socks
Falke Natural Steps Organic Cotton Socks for ChildrenFalke Natural Steps Organic Cotton Socks for Children
$8.56 now only $4.28
  • - 50 %
Snug and extremely skin-friendly Children's Socks made of certified Organic Cotton

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