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Stockings with Support & Compression Capabilities

Compression stockings, as well as compression wear of all types can be useful for all sorts of reasons. Beyond the medical benefits of increased blood circulation for those with problems such as varicose veins, compression stockings can also be useful for those who are on their feet a lot. Maybe you work in retail or as a waitress who spends their entire shift on their feet, but you would still like to wear something other than sweatpants? Compression tights are the perfect stylish alternative because no one would know they are even compression tights. Wear a pair and we are sure you will find them ideally comfortable and practical all for affordable prices.

We have many more options for compression wear in our tights selection: Compression Tights

Looking rather for stockings with straps? You can find them here: Suspender Stockings

We also have a wider selection of strapless stockings here: Strapless Stockings


Most strapless stockings have silicone bands in the tops to ensure a mon-slip fit unless creme or lotion has been freshly applied to the legs.

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Support & Style All in One

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12 Products.

Should you wear compression stockings to bed?

In general the answer is no. With younger patients it is ok, but not recommended and those who are older may actually risk issues with their arteries by wearing compression stockings at night. The reason is that when you are lying down, you are already in a neutral position that allows for good circulation. Adding compression on top of this could increase circulation, but it is more superfluous. If you still feel that you have circulation issues when in bed, try elevating your feet with a pillow or two. Once your legs are above your heart level, circulation is easier facilitated.

How do you put on compression stockings?

There are a few different methods when it comes to putting on compression stockings and it depends on what gear you've purchased to help you do it. Some helpful devices can be donning gloves, to stop against snagging and help with smoothing, or something like a slip device that you can use to pull them on or off. If you don't have either of the two, it is still possible to get them on but may take a bit more effort. First you start by reaching into the stocking and turning the upper half inside out. Then place your foot into the toe section and slide the stocking over the heel and gently pull it up your leg. Don't pull the top of the stocking as this may rip it. This is where donning gloves are useful so that you don't snag the compression stockings on a fingernail. Finish sliding the stocking up to the appropriate height and then smooth it out.

Compressana Calypso 70 Medium Compression StockingsCompressana Calypso 70 Medium Compression Stockings
70 denier medium compression stockings from Compressana with an elegant appearance and reinforced toe tips
Bahner Young Line 40 Support Stockings Compression 2Bahner Young Line 40 Support Stockings Compression 2
Non reinforced, transparent and silky matte compression stockings with 11mmHg support with 5 color options
Bahner Classic Line 70 Support Stockings Compression 3Bahner Classic Line 70 Support Stockings Compression 3
Classic, transparent support stockings from Bahner, available in 9 dark toned colors and in sizes 35-42
Compressana Calypso 140 Strong Compression StockingsCompressana Calypso 140 Strong Compression Stockings
Strong compression stockings (140 denier, ca. 15-18 mm Hg) with a seductive 9 cm wide lace top band
Bahner Power Line Support Stockings Compression 3Bahner Power Line Support Stockings Compression 3
Strapless compression stocking with maximum support capabilities, 5 practical color options and sizes 35-42
Compressana Micro Cotton Compression StockingsCompressana Micro Cotton Compression Stockings
Re-vitalizing medium support compression stockings in fashionable design and skin-friendly quality
Glamory Vital 40 Support Hold-upsGlamory Vital 40 Support Hold-ups
Knitted with extra width on upper thighs to support those with extra curves, these stockings also come with a support function
Glamory Vital 70 Compression StockingsGlamory Vital 70 Compression Stockings
Glamory 70 den semi-transparent compression stockings with light support capabilities, sizes 40-62
Gilofa Fine 70 Compression StockingsGilofa Fine 70 Compression Stockings
Gilofa Fine 70 hold-up support stockings with high support power with lace band and elastic lace in semi-opaque color selection up to size XXXL
Gilofa Fine 140 den Compression StockingsGilofa Fine 140 den Compression Stockings
Gilofa Fine 140 strapless compression stockings of support class 3 with lacey thigh bands, in sizes XS-XXXL/36-50
Elbeo Active Care 40 Compression StockingsElbeo Active Care 40 Compression Stockings
Intense support semi-opaque compression stockings with lace tops, available in 4 colors and sizes S-L
Compressana Calypso 40 Light Support Compression StockingsCompressana Calypso 40 Light Support Compression Stockings
40 denier medium compression stockings (ca. 8-10 mm Hg) from Compressana with a ca. 9 cm wide lace top

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