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Tights for Babies & Toddlers

Choosy parents will love these particularly skin-friendly products made from organic cotton from manufacturers like Falke. The elasticity makes for a perfect fit. These tights fit perfectly on the body for optimal freedom of movement. Babies love delicate materials, comfortable cuffs for a relaxed feeling, as well as the fully-pleated inner sides, which keep the baby wonderfully warm even in great cold! Special binding cuffs ensure a perfect fit on the foot. Features like the collar contain replaceable, washable rubber, which can be found with the brand Ewers. The color palette of our selected designs ranges from the classic pastel baby colors like pink and light blue. We also carry cute patterns such as bear designs, stripes, flowers or bunnies, which will give your child a lot of fun. Moms can quickly conjure up a magical baby outfit. Despite these adorable patterns, our products are also durable. If you want even more protection, pay attention to items with reinforced soles, toes, and panty sections.

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The well-being of our little ones is particularly important to us when it comes to tights for babies. This is why you will find especially high-quality materials ranging from knit cotton to a cotton-wool blend that is gentle on baby's skin and guarantees no itching.

Lovely Styles for the Littlest Ones

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17 Products.

What is the best material for baby clothing?

As babies grow quickly and often make messes, durability and comfort should be the main priorities when choosing the material for baby clothing. It is also practical to choose materials that can be washed in the washing machine, as they will likely need to be washed often, and also before the baby's first use. 100% cotton is the number one choice, because it's comfortable, durable and easy to wash. Many options even come with organic cotton, but it may make the products more expensive. Polyester also works as well as corduroy for durable rompers and overalls. During the warmer seasons fleece makes the perfect material for accessories like hats, gloves, and scarves. Fleece makes wonderful blankets, as well as flannel and minky. More stylish options include satin and tulle, but we aware that these materials require much more care, making them suitable only for special occasions, leaving the options listed above as much more practical. It is also a good idea to opt for clothing that has an open or attachable bottom for easy diaper changes and bathes. Zippers should also be used carefully as they can easy snag on baby's delicate skin.

How do you know what size your baby needs?

As is usual with other clothing, sizes vary by brand, but in general sizes are separated into 3 month increments beginning at preemie and then up to as old as 24 months. The sizes are determined by height (in. in the USA and cm in the EU) ranging from 10-37 in/25-94 cm. It is helpful to carry a size chart with you and measure your baby before you go shopping. If in doubt, go for a size larger because it won't be long until your baby is big enough for the larger size.

Falke Flausch Cotton and Wool Baby TightsFalke Flausch Cotton and Wool Baby Tights
$18.38 now only $9.19
  • - 50 %
Exquisite wool cotton blend baby tights in off white with comfort gusset and reciprocated heels, size 80-92 (12-18 months)
Ewers Big Polka Dots Baby and Children's TightsEwers Big Polka Dots Baby and Children's Tights
Ewers polka dot baby and children's tights in old or purple with reciprocated heels and sizes 80-146
Ewers Owl Design Baby TightsEwers Owl Design Baby Tights
$11.03 now only $6.62
  • - 40 %
Purple, blue and pink owl design baby tights from Ewers with comfort gusset, in sizes 56-86
Hudson Springtime Striped Baby TightsHudson Springtime Striped Baby Tights
Hudson cute striped butterfly dream of comfy cotton tights with comfort gusset in 3 colors and sizes 50-92
Hudson Little Bear Baby TightsHudson Little Bear Baby Tights
$9.80 now only $5.88
  • - 40 %
Hudson soft knit cotton striped baby tights with cuddly teddy bear design with 3 color options and sizes 50-92
Hudson Baby Soft Plush Smiling Dog Cotton TightsHudson Baby Soft Plush Smiling Dog Cotton Tights
$9.80 now only $5.88
  • - 40 %
Striped, soft knit cotton baby tights with cute doggie pattern in white or blue, size 62-68
Hudson Classic Plush, Striped Baby TightsHudson Classic Plush, Striped Baby Tights
$11.03 now only $6.62
  • - 40 %
Fine striped soft cotton baby tights with extra-plush inner surface from Hudson, 2 color options and sizes 62-80
Ewers Baby Striped Plush Fleece-Lined TightsEwers Baby Striped Plush Fleece-Lined Tights
$15.87 now only $9.44
  • - 41 %
Snuggly plush fleece-lined and striped knit cotton tights for babies with 5 color options, sizes 62-86
Falke Family Baby TightsFalke Family Baby Tights
Cotton baby tights from Falke with comfort gusset and reciprocated heels in 7 color options and sizes for 0-12 months
Bonnie Doon Cotton Baby TightsBonnie Doon Cotton Baby Tights
Bonnie Doon plaid knit cotton baby tights with comfort gusset and reciprocated heels, 3 color options and sizes 56-86
Falke Crawler Tights for BabiesFalke Crawler Tights for Babies
Fashionable crawling Fun for babies: plush fleece lined cotton tights with textured soles and knee pads for crawling
Bonnie Doon Frou Frou Baby TightsBonnie Doon Frou Frou Baby Tights
Soft, comfy and cute knit cotton tights from Bonnie Doon with comfort gusset in 4 color options, sizes 56-86
Bonnie Doon Basic Baby TightsBonnie Doon Basic Baby Tights
Bonnie Doon high-quality smooth cotton tights for babies in 9 spectacular colors and sizes 56-86
Bonnie Doon Terry Baby TightsBonnie Doon Terry Baby Tights
Fully fleece lined soft Cotton Tights
Bonnie Doon Ballerina Polka Dot Baby TightsBonnie Doon Ballerina Polka Dot Baby Tights
Bonni Doon ballerina polka dotted knit cotton tights for babies with feet in a ballet flat design, 2 color options

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