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Everything for your sportive activities. Sneaker socks, hiking socks and everything for running is available now at the Hosieria hosiery online store. Whether you need warmer wool socks for the colder seasons or lighter cotton socks when it's warmer, we've got it all. There are patterns and material blends of every shape, size and color that you can imagine. If you're on the market for ankle socks, regular calf-length socks, or knee high socks we've got tons of options to choose from. For those relaxing days at home, we also have basics include tank tops, t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, underwear and bodysuits.

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Here at Hosieria, we love socks,especially those that fit ideally with sneakers, whether for everyday use or for exercise.
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88 Products.

What is the best material for running socks?

Though cotton would seem like the typical go-to material for running, cotton socks can actually be the root cause of blisters, chafing, corns and other foot discomforts. Even many experienced athletes don't know this, but once you have the right socks, you'll feel a major difference. So what is the best material if not cotton? Surprisingly, synthetic material blends like polyester, acrylic, and CoolMax, because they have good wicking, or moisture removal properties.

How can you prevent blisters when running?

Anyone who is an avid runner has had to deal with blisters at least once. Once they develop, if you don't know how to treat them properly, they can ruin the entire day and make things very painful. Blisters are caused by the friction created when moving between the skin and sock in collusion with the moisture from sweaty feet. Wear shoes that are too small, too tight, or cotton socks can often cause blisters. So how do you treat them? Before you even start exercising, make sure that your shoes fit properly. Shoes should be 1/2 a size bigger for exercising to decrease the chance of chafing on the sock. It is also advisable to not wear someone else's shoes, especially for longer journeys because their shoes have molded to their foot shape, which can cause blisters for you. You can also pre-add vaseline on problem areas, but not too much or you'll be sliding around in your shoe. It is also helpful to use moleskin or athletic tape over common trouble areas as a preventative measure. Taping and moleskin can also help stave off the pain of a blister that's already developed during exercise when you don't have time to use medical supplies on it.

Camano unisex sport socks 2pairsCamano unisex sport socks 2pairs
Camano sport socks are vein-friendly and super soft for both men and women. 2 pair pack and 5 different colors
Hudson Balance Sneaker SocksHudson Balance Sneaker Socks
$7.34 now only $4.89
  • - 33 %
Hudson Balance unisex cotton and nylon blend sneaker socks with elastane and reciprocated heels
Nur Die Air Comfort Women's Sneaker SocksNur Die Air Comfort Women's Sneaker Socks
Soft and durable Rayon Knit with breathable perforated Knit Soles
Elbeo Sneaker Light Cotton Sneaker SocksElbeo Sneaker Light Cotton Sneaker Socks
Elbeo light cotton sneaker socks with reciprocated heels and hand-linked toes, tons of bright color options
Nur Der Men's Sport Socks Three PackNur Der Men's Sport Socks Three Pack
With comfortably plushed Soles
Glamory for Men Thermoman 100 LeggingsGlamory for Men Thermoman 100 Leggings
Glamory for Men Thermoman 100 opaque men's microfiber leggings with fly, in sizes M-4XL
Compressana Sport Inverno Functional Knee High SocksCompressana Sport Inverno Functional Knee High Socks
Compressana Sport wool and nylon blend knee high socks with elastane and reinforced toes, in gray or black
Camano Children Sport Socks Double PackCamano Children Sport Socks Double Pack
Camano children’s polyester and cotton blend sports socks for warm, dry feet in double-pack, many color choices
Camano CA-Soft cottons sox with pressur free top 2PCamano CA-Soft cottons sox with pressur free top 2P
Camano CA-Soft socks for both men and women with pressure-free comfort band. 8 different colors available.
Camano 2pair cotton Socks Wal with extra thik soleCamano 2pair cotton Socks Wal with extra thik sole
The combination of the pressure-free waist band and comfortable sole make perfect socks for those with diabetes.
Nur Die Bambus Warming SocksNur Die Bambus Warming Socks
Nur Die cotton and rayon blend warming socks with reciprocated heels, non-reinforced toes and comfort tops, size 39-42
Compressana Go Well Med Thermo SocksCompressana Go Well Med Thermo Socks
Compressana Go Well wool and polyester blend thermal socks with elastane with anti-static feature, good for diabetics

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