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Nylon Knee High Socks

In this category we offer a selection of nylon knee high socks made of the highest quality products from leading manufacturers. You have options between more opaque and transparent options so you can wear these nylon knee high socks as a visible or invisible accessory. Opt for transparent nude tones and get a flawless, invisible look for summer and all year round. Some of our products even come without elastane tops for a pressure-free non-slip fit.

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Simply Flawless

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88 Products.

When was nylon invented?

Nylon was invented in 1935 as a result of the DuPont research project to create synthetic fibers in 1930. Discovered by Wallace Carothers, nylon 6,6 was the first time a synthetic thermoplastic polymer was widely successful. Another type of nylon, nylon 6, was created in 1938 by Paul Schlack at IG Farben based on a slightly different formula. Nylon was first utilized to make nylon-bristled toothbrushes. They were then implemented in 1939 to women's nylons and were shown at the New York World's Fair that same year, making them widely successful when commercially sold in 1940. Most nylon use was transferred during WWII to make parachutes for the military. Later on, nylon has been used to make different flooring and rubber reinforcements as well as shaping such as parts for cars and electrical equipment as well as in film for food packaging.

Elbeo Bamboo Knee High Socks for MenElbeo Bamboo Knee High Socks for Men
Elbeo bamboo and nylon blend knee high socks for men with reciprocated heels, 5 color options, size 39-46
Kunert Velvet Melange Knee High SocksKunert Velvet Melange Knee High Socks
Kunert Velvet nylon knee high socks with melange pattern and invisibly reinforced toes, 5 color choices, sizes 5-10,5
Hudson Soft Matte 20 Fine Knee High SocksHudson Soft Matte 20 Fine Knee High Socks
  • New
Hudson Soft Matte 20 den transparent knee high socks with 3D elastane and matte appearance, sizes 5-10,5
Elbeo Bamboo Knee High SocksElbeo Bamboo Knee High Socks
Elbeo opaque nylon knee high socks with bamboo and reciprocated heels, 6 color options, size 35-42
Hudson Simply Double Pack Knee High SocksHudson Simply Double Pack Knee High Socks
Hudson simple double pack of nylon knee high socks with elastane and non-reinforced heels, 4 color choices
Elbeo Seidenmatt 20 Knee High SocksElbeo Seidenmatt 20 Knee High Socks
Transparent nylon knee high socks featuring a natural, silky matte look with 5 color options, sizes 35-42
Kunert Mystique 20 Knee High SocksKunert Mystique 20 Knee High Socks
Kunert nylon knee high socks made of fine material and with jojoba oil for soft skin, 5 color options
Glamory Fit 20 Transparent Knee High SocksGlamory Fit 20 Transparent Knee High Socks
(2 pack)
Glamory Fit 20 transparent, nylon knee high socks with silky matte appearance and wider leg circumference, sizes 37-46
Giulia Marea 20 Sheer Knee High Socks Double PackGiulia Marea 20 Sheer Knee High Socks Double Pack
Giulia Marea 20 double pack of sheer, matte nylon knee high socks with broad comfort tops, in black or nude
Nur Die Cotton Sole Knee High SocksNur Die Cotton Sole Knee High Socks
Cotton soled nylon knee high socks to help legs look flawless any day, any time, 3 color options

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