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Leggings, Jeggings, and Footless Tights

Here at HOSERIA, we have everything to meet your desires when it comes to leggings. We have everything from basic leggings in many different one color variations, to print leggings, to jeggings and much more! Our selection of leggings includes various materials that make the leggings tight or more stretchy or even with ribbed textures, as well as various waist lengths and capri-style leggings. There are also leggings available for both women and children. Read more...

Though leggings have recently earned a bad reputation as "not real pants" there are many methods to make leggings just as stylish or even more so than trousers. Whether worn as a fashionable leg accessory, for exercise, under business attire or for lounging on the couch, we have every sort of leggings that may need.

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82 Products.

Why Are Leggings a Viable Legwear Option?

Leggings have a long history that didn't just start because of exercise videos from the 1980s, though that is when they became wildly popular. Original leggings were used hundreds of years ago and mostly by men during exercise, specifically in the military. Nowadays, many legging-lovers are unfortunately experiencing negation connotations that leggings can't be worn like pants. However, leggings can be just as stylish as any pair of pants, and certainly more comfortable.

Make Sure You Have Leggings, Not Tights

If you can see through the material at all, then you likely have tights, not leggings. If you want to make a style statement through the appropriate wearing of leggings, then avoid any see through materials that hinders convincing those naysayers. It also gives your look more class.

There Are Leggings for Every Occasion

If you want to keep it casual or exercise, you can of course go for traditional black footless leggings. They're comfortable and for some can even double as pajamas. But if you'd like to create a stylish outfit out of leggings, opt for pieces that include fun patterns, textures, or even leather. They can be paired with boots, high heels, or day tennis shoes. Leggings also go especially well under oversized sweaters or t-shirts that are too short to be worn on their own as well as under jean shorts. Capri-style leggings help liven up your everyday attire and are just as trendy as original capris. Overall, leggings out of different materials and style patterns can make it possible to wear them appropriately and fashionably all year round.

Jeggings Vs. Skinny Jeans

Though they may seem to be similar, there is actually a big difference between jeggings and skinny jeans. Skinny jeans are just that: jeans made to look skinny. While the the skinny trend is in right now, sometimes this look doesn't work for everyone. Not to mention it's neither comfortable, nor flexible. The better option is jeggings because you get the stylish look of form-fitting jeans, but still retain the comfort of leggings. The fabric in jeggings is much more forgiving than jeans and helps to keep everything tucked in rather than smushed into place.

Rumpf Footless Elastic Ballet Dance TightsRumpf Footless Elastic Ballet Dance Tights
Footless, opaque ballet dance tights from Rumpf with matte appearance, available in black, white and rose, for children and women
Leg Avenue Swashbuckler LeggingsLeg Avenue Swashbuckler Leggings
Perfect for a pirate Halloween costume! Pirate leggings with black and white vertical stripes and red belt and scimitar
Kunert Sensual Cotton leggingsKunert Sensual Cotton leggings
  • New
Kunert Sensual Velvet cotton leggings with cotton gusset, flat seams, and comfort waistband, sizes XS-XL (36-50)
Falke Striggings Ribbed LeggingsFalke Striggings Ribbed Leggings
$38.28 now only $22.97
  • - 40 %
Textured cotton-rayon blend knit leggings from Falke enhanced with angora shares and comes with diamond gusset and flat seams
Giulia Univers #2 pantsGiulia Univers #2 pants
$43.06 now only $34.45
  • - 20 %
The perfect, comfortable black business pants for on the go from Giulia made with comfort waistband, available in sizes S-XL
Bonnie Doon Candy Heart Leggings for GirlsBonnie Doon Candy Heart Leggings for Girls
Adorable, brightly colored opaque cotton children's leggings with 3 color options, sizes 116-134 available
Giulia Leggy Push Up Shapewear LeggingsGiulia Leggy Push Up Shapewear Leggings
  • New
Giulia leggings with shapewear effects that push up the buttocks, available in black or grey and sizes S-XL
Elbeo Elegance Soft & Warm LeggingsElbeo Elegance Soft & Warm Leggings
Elbeo polyester leggings to keep you warm during winter, made with a comfort gusset and reinforced boy-cut brief
Giulia Offi-Style #2 LeggingsGiulia Offi-Style #2 Leggings
Giulia business style ultra-opaque leggings in light melange with pockets and sewed on waistband
Cecila de Rafael Pirata Up Shapewear Capri LeggingsCecila de Rafael Pirata Up Shapewear Capri Leggings
Experience the joy of shapewear technology through these tummy tucking and glute lifting shapewear capri leggings just in time for summer
Giulia Leggy Go Up #2 Shapewear LeggingsGiulia Leggy Go Up #2 Shapewear Leggings
  • New
Giulia silk matte, sheer to waist, ultra-opaque leggings with shapewear effects and sewed on waistband
Esprit Fashion Animal Print LeggingsEsprit Fashion Animal Print Leggings
$34.69 now only $20.81
  • - 40 %
Esprit fashion animal print leggings with matte appearance and sewed on waistband, sizes 38-44
Giulia Seamless Microfiber LeggingsGiulia Seamless Microfiber Leggings
Extremely smooth seamless microfiber leggings from Giulia without gusset, 3 color options and sizes S-XL available

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