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Plus Size Tights, Stockings, and Leggings

Plus Sizes to Meet Your Every Need

Shop from our enormous selection of plus size tights, stockings, leggings, knee high socks, and shapewear. Our vast selection includes every type of plus size legwear that you could ever need. This includes plus size leggings and plus size fishnet tights, as well as various patterns such as wet look, textured and other fashion plus size options. You can also find tights with varying thread counts (denier) with everything from completely sheer and transparent to opaque. Different materials are available with distinct levels of elastane as well as variations on cotton or standard nylon plus size tights. Stockings are also available with various renditions of strapless or with strap options. We also offer options for knee high socks and regular socks as well.

Take a look at our shapewear products while you're at it here: Shapewear


We have sizes up to 62 EU (5X/32 US) so we are sure you will find the perfect fit.

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105 Products.

Curvy Style Tips

No matter your shape or size, hosiery is a formidable fashion accessory, but there are a couple stylish tips that we can recommend for those with especially luscious curves.

Choose A Fabric That Suits You

The first thing to ask yourself when choosing plus size legwear is to differentiate between leggings and tights. Can you see through the material at all? If yes, you have tights so make sure to wear appropriate attire in order to stay class. If no, you have leggings. Read further down to see suggested style tips.
In order to break things down by fabric here are a few simple rules to pay attention to. First, a higher elastane content means more flexibility. Do you want flexible hosiery that moves with your or do you have fashion tights where it is important to keep the pattern intact? Second, knit tights that contain wool or cotton are typically warmer than traditional nylon, however materials other than nylon tend to be more durable. Lastly, is transparency or opacity more important? Sheer or transparent tights, especially in nude tones, can be helpful during the transition from spring to summer when your legs need a bit of bronzing or you just want a flawless appearance. Nude tones also go well with open toed sandals and high heels. Opaque tights can work any time of the year and are a basic wardrobe necessity. Consider how opaque you would like your tights, as well as whether they should come with a matte appearance.

Carefully Consider Sizing

If your leggings fit snugly throughout the legs and hips without making a "pooch" area around the stomach and stay up comfortably throughout the day, you've found the correct fit. If your leggings are too tight and create a muffin top, or squeeze areas of the body so that they are unmovable or constricted, you've probably got the wrong size. The correct size always helps legwear that was intended to be opaque stay that way. If you have problems with your legwear falling down off your stomach, you've also likely got the wrong size. High waisted legwear helps deter this problem. However, if you do continue to have a falling down problem, consider wearing a tank top that tucks under the leggings so the material gets a better grip than bare skin.

Choose the Correct Tops and Shoes

If you are opting for leggings, a hip length top usually makes a perfect companion to complete a stylish outfit. Not anything that is too tight or short; in this case looser is better so that the lovely legwear that you've chosen is accentuated. Items such as tunics, oversized sweaters, dresses, and long shirts can help your achieve the same appearance. If you have short legs, you can give the illusion that they are longer by tucking in your leggings into your shoes, as well as under your top. If you have specific problem areas, find an accessory that matches with your outfit as a whole to enhance it. Shapewear is often a perfect solution to these problems as shapewear helps to slim down any figure, while also helping to flatten down seams.

Don't Forget Confidence

The most stylish part of any woman's wardrobe is her confidence. Once you feel more comfortable in the correct fitting clothing, show off how great you feel in them. Having your own personal swagger trumps all fashion accessories in the end.

Golden Lady Donna 30 Plus Size TightsGolden Lady Donna 30 Plus Size Tights
(5 pack)
Golden Lady Donna 30 den semi-opaque plus size tights with reinforced toes, 5 color options, sizes 46-56
Golden Lady Golden Curvy 20 Sheer TightsGolden Lady Golden Curvy 20 Sheer Tights
Classy plus size 20 denier sheer tights from Golden Lady that are extra comfortable and super durable
Elbeo Perfect Curves 20 Knee High SocksElbeo Perfect Curves 20 Knee High Socks
Elbeo Perfect Curves 20 extra-stretchy sheer and silky matte knee high socks for strong calves with broad comfort tops
Nur Die Supersitz TightsNur Die Supersitz Tights
(3 pack)
Nur Die Supersitz transparent, plus size tights with reinforced boy-cut brief and roll seams, sizes 36-60
Nur Die Perfect 30 Plus Size TightsNur Die Perfect 30 Plus Size Tights
Nur Die Perfekt 30 matte plus size tights with cotton gusset and reinforced boy-cut brief, size 44-54
Elbeo Perfect Curves 40 Elegance TightsElbeo Perfect Curves 40 Elegance Tights
Elbeo Perfect Curves 40 den plus size tights with reinforced toes and diamond gusset, sizes 40-54
ELBEO Adagio 30 Extra Wide Plus Size TightsELBEO Adagio 30 Extra Wide Plus Size Tights
A little more wiggle room: extra wide plus size tights with wider waistband and gusset, sizes S-XL
Giulia Extra 40 Light Compression Plus Size TightsGiulia Extra 40 Light Compression Plus Size Tights
Giulia 40 den transparent compression plus size tights with in black or brown with comfort gusset
Nur Die Seidenfein Sheer Tights XLNur Die Seidenfein Sheer Tights XL
Nur Die nude transparent tights in XL with beautiful sheer gloss due to silk protein enhancement
Elbeo Elegance Perfect Curves 20 TightsElbeo Elegance Perfect Curves 20 Tights
Elbeo Elegance Perfect Curves 20 den sheer silky matte plus size Lycra tights with reinforced toes, sizes 40-54
Glamory Velvet 80 Plus Size LeggingsGlamory Velvet 80 Plus Size Leggings
Glamory Velvet 80 plus size leggings with diamond gusset and flat seams, size M-XXL (40-62) available
Cervin Sensual Luxe Suspender StockingsCervin Sensual Luxe Suspender Stockings
Cervin Sensuel Luxe silky matte LYCRA® suspender stockings with broad lace tops, available in plus size

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