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Footies for Flats and High-heels

Do you have problems during the summer with smelly feet or blisters, but you would really like to wear some nicer shoes? Then give footies a try because they are mostly invisible, are thin enough to keep your feet cool, but also protect delicate skin against damaging blisters. Our selection of footies was made exactly for this purpose. There's no time like the present to grab a pair or two because they make it possible to wear fancier shoes all year round.

Nylon socks also fit well under open-toed shoes and high-heels: Nylon Socks

Ankle socks are also a great option for tennishoes, loafers, and other light, but close-toed shoes: Ankle Socks

Check out our whole selection of socks here: Socks


You can narrow down your search results by different criteria such as cotton, rayon, and articles with or without elastane depending on the type of footies you require.

Invisible & Practical

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28 Products.

Why wear footies?

There are many advantages to wearing footies all year round, but especially during the hotter summer months. If your favorite pair of flats or high heels are known to rub your toes or heels to blisters, then footies are the perfect solution. Not only do they protect the skin against rubbing, they also help to keep smelly feet at bay, a common side effect of wearing shoes without socks. Furthermore, if you pick the appropriate size and shape, they are also invisible under your shoes so none of the stylish effects are lost, especially with high-heels.

How can you keep footies from falling down?

A common complaint from those who wear footies or other ankle socks is that they fall down or bunch up around the heel, nullifying the point of wearing them in the first place. There are two options for this solution. The first is that if you're finding that you have a pair of footies that used to work, but are starting to slip recently, this is because the elastic is getting worn out and it's time to buy a new pair. Second, before even buying footies, it may be worth it to try a size up, as falling down can occur because the footies are too tight on the foot and the elastane can't get a good grip. If you're not sure which size you need, try out a few sizes and brands that could possibly work and test them to see which one functions the best.

Trasparenze Padded FootiesTrasparenze Padded Footies
Transparenze padded nylon footies with elastane, non-reinforced toes, and reinforced heels
Nur Die Fine Cotton FootiesNur Die Fine Cotton Footies
Nur Die fine cotton footies with hand-linked toes and matte appearance, 2 color options and sizes 35-42
Golden Lady Salvapiede Cotton FootiesGolden Lady Salvapiede Cotton Footies
(5 pack)
Golden Lady Salvapiede cotton footies with elastane and reciprocated heels, 3 color options and sizes 35-42
Camano Women Fashion Footies 2 PackCamano Women Fashion Footies 2 Pack
Camano women's non-slip footies: perfect for ballerinas size 35-42 in double pack, 3 color options
Golden Lady Salvapiede Ballerina FootiesGolden Lady Salvapiede Ballerina Footies
(5 pack)
Golden Lady Salvapiede ballerina cotton footies with elastane and reciprocated heels, 3 color options and sizes 35-42
Camano 2 Pack Non-slip Lasercut FootiesCamano 2 Pack Non-slip Lasercut Footies
Camano double pack of non-slip lasercut footies with elastane and invisibly reinforced toes, size 35-42
Nur Die Trainer FootiesNur Die Trainer Footies
(5 pack)
Nur Die invisible, seamless footies with non-reinforced toes in nude sizes 35-42 available
Nur Die Ballerina Footie SocksNur Die Ballerina Footie Socks
(2 pack)
Ideal footies for ballet flats and high heels from Nur Die with elastane and non-reinforced toes, 2 color options
Falke Elegant Step Invisible Extra Thin FootiesFalke Elegant Step Invisible Extra Thin Footies
Falke Elegant Step Invisible extra thin footies, available in nude tone or black, size 5-10 (US) 2.5-7.5 (UK)
Kunert Braid FootiesKunert Braid Footies
$12.24 now only $7.34
  • - 40 %
Seamless footies of light and fine quality rayon with fashionably white-trimmed borders, size 5-10,5
Bonnie Doon Lace and Bow FootiesBonnie Doon Lace and Bow Footies
Soft cotton footies with padded ball of the foot section and pretty lace and satin bow details
Falke Cotton Touch Step Invisible FootiesFalke Cotton Touch Step Invisible Footies
Falke invisible cotton footies with elastane and invisibly reinforced toes, 4 color options and 35-42
Falke Seamless Step FootiesFalke Seamless Step Footies
Falke Seamless Step sheer footies with silicone anti-slip system and elastane, 3 color choices and 35-42
Elbeo Elegance Cotton FootiesElbeo Elegance Cotton Footies
Elbeo Elegance cotton footies with extra-low heel and non-grid soles, in brown or black, size 35-42
Nur Die Cotton FootiesNur Die Cotton Footies
(5 pack)
Nur Die invisible, seamless, semi-opaque cotton footies with non-reinforced toes and soles, size 35-42

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