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Strapless Stockings

Choose your perfect pair of thigh high stockings by renowned brands in your favourite textures and colours: fishnet, lace, nylon, and from ultra-sheer to semi sheer or opaque. We also have options for plain, patterned, or multicolored thigh high stockings. Many sizes are also available, including many options for plus size stockings.

Looking for thigh high stockings with straps/suspenders? Check this out: Suspender Stockings


Thigh high stockings are sassy and are nice to wear as they do not have to be attached to extra accessories unlike stockings with suspenders and do not have to come up the waist like tights.

There are thigh high stockings with beautiful extra-broad lavish lace tops or stylish graphic tops. For sensitive skin we offer silicone-free items. Sophisticated appearance matched with re-vitalizing support is also an integral part of our assortment.

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142 Products.

How do you keep thigh high stockings from falling down?

Many women avoid wearing thigh high stockings without suspenders because they are known for their high probability to create wardrobe malfunctions. However, there are still some methods that you can use to keep strapless thigh high stockings in place with minimal effort. If you already have a favorite pair of thigh highs, but have a problem with them falling down and are looking for a solution, try either body adhesive or fashion tape. Both are in very affordable prices and can be easily bought online.
It is also helpful before you put on thigh high stockings to make sure your legs are dry. If you've just taken a shower, you can use baby powder to soak up the excess moisture. If you're a heavy lotion user, make sure to give your legs some time to dry out before putting on your stockings.

What does RHT mean?

RHT stands for reinforced heel and toe. This acronym refers to the weaving of the toes and heels in a slightly more dense fashion, which gives them a darker color and increase durability. Thigh high stockings from the 40s and 50s didn't have elastane and were made to fit around the shape of the leg, thus making them easier to tear when they didn't fit right due to less material flexibility. That is why stockings of this era are offered referred to as RHT.

What does fully fashioned mean?

Fully fashioned refers to nylons that are woven with special vintage machinery in order to contain a genuine back seam and finishing loop. Cuban or pointed heels often come together with fully fashioned stockings. Following in the vintage tradition, this type of stockings is typically 100% nylon (without elastane for flexibility) and runs in 10-15 denier.

What to wear with thigh high stockings?

As the rules have relaxed in quite a large margin since women began wearing thigh high stockings in the 20s, there is an enormous amount of possibilities when it comes to outfit options. You can basically wear stockings with anything that you would wear tights with. A few outfit ideas though could be: worn under an oversized sweater or t-shirt, under a romper, under denim shorts, under a skater skirt, under patterned dresses, over transparent tights with boots, under knee high boots, over jeans and under boots, or simply just at home. With so many possibilities, the choice can seem daunting, but the important thing to remember is to keep your patterns matching (ie all neutral and one patterned article). But above all, wear what makes you feel your best!

GIULIA Emotion 100 opaque hold-upsGIULIA Emotion 100 opaque hold-ups
Opaque stay-ups with seductive lace
Nur Die Stay-UpsNur Die Stay-Ups
(3 pack)
Stay-up stockings with seductive Lace Tops
Leg Avenue Sheer Lace Top Thigh HighsLeg Avenue Sheer Lace Top Thigh Highs
Leg Avenue sheer lace-topped thigh highs
Giulia Emotion Rete Vision 40 Fishnet StockingsGiulia Emotion Rete Vision 40 Fishnet Stockings
  • New
Semi-transparent fishnet stockings from Giulia with lace tops and reinforced toes, 2 color options and sizes XS-L
Glamory My Size Allure Shiny Hold-upsGlamory My Size Allure Shiny Hold-ups
Glittery is the best way to go for wedding hosiery with these sheer plus size stay-ups with lace patterned thigh bands
Falke Lunelle 8 Blue Lace Thigh High StockingsFalke Lunelle 8 Blue Lace Thigh High Stockings
Luxurious, softly tinted transparent thigh high stockings with lace band, available in sizes S-L (35-42)
Kunert Velvet 80 Peacock hold-upsKunert Velvet 80 Peacock hold-ups
  • New
Velvet 80 strapless hold-ups from Kunert with peacock pattern on thigh band with silicone rings
Falke Fond de Poudre Thigh High StockingsFalke Fond de Poudre Thigh High Stockings
Practical nude toned, transparent thigh high stockings from Falke, available in 5 skin tones and size S-L (35-42)
Levante Riga 20 Stay-UpsLevante Riga 20 Stay-Ups
Silky matte Elegance with Backseam and Lace Tops
Levante Romantic 15 Stay-UpsLevante Romantic 15 Stay-Ups
Silky matte Sheerness in elegant Colours
Cervin Agnes Luxe Stay-Ups with Satin BandCervin Agnes Luxe Stay-Ups with Satin Band
Satin sheer stay-ups with satin band.
Levante Solare 6 Stay-UpsLevante Solare 6 Stay-Ups
Gossamer and ultra-sheer - available in four Colours

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