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Gerbe Collant Sun Satin 15 TightsGerbe Collant Sun Satin 15 Tights
Heavenly soft and natural-looking sheer matte Pantyhose. Available in a wide range of irresistible Colors.
Gerbe Collant Sunlight 20 TightsGerbe Collant Sunlight 20 Tights
Sheer Tights of brilliant Sheen, available in a wide range of elegant Colours
Gerbe Collant Resille Net TightsGerbe Collant Resille Net Tights
Fine fishnet tights.
Gerbe Collant Divine 20 Shapewear TightsGerbe Collant Divine 20 Shapewear Tights
Shapewear tights from Gerbe with full control panty and reinforced, sewed on waistband, available in 3 colors
Gerbe MiBas Sunlight 20 Knee-HighsGerbe MiBas Sunlight 20 Knee-Highs
Sheer and shiny knee-highs with comfortable band.
Gerbe Collant Elanore TightsGerbe Collant Elanore Tights
Natural material tights.
Gerbe MiBas Resille Net Knee-HighsGerbe MiBas Resille Net Knee-Highs
Fishnet knee-highs.
Gerbe Bas Jarretiere Sun Satin 15 Stay-UpsGerbe Bas Jarretiere Sun Satin 15 Stay-Ups
Sheer and matt stay-ups with a refined lace top.
Gerbe MiChaussette Nymphea SocksGerbe MiChaussette Nymphea Socks
Shiny and satin-gloss socks.
Gerbe Bas Mousse Altesse 20 StockingsGerbe Bas Mousse Altesse 20 Stockings
Sheer and matt crimp crepe stockings.
Gerbe Socquette Sunlight 15 SocksGerbe Socquette Sunlight 15 Socks
Sheer and shiny ankle socks.
Gerbe Porte-Jarretelles Sensation Suspender BeltGerbe Porte-Jarretelles Sensation Suspender Belt
Shiny bi-colored suspender belt with four straps that stays absolutely seemless under tight clothing in various colors
Gerbe Bas Jarretiere Sunlight 15 Hold-UpsGerbe Bas Jarretiere Sunlight 15 Hold-Ups
Sheer and brilliantly shiny Stay Ups with Lace Tops. Available in an attractive Colour Range
Gerbe Collant Sun Satin 20 TightsGerbe Collant Sun Satin 20 Tights
Sophisticated sheer matte Pantyhose of precious Quality
Gerbe Collant Sans Pieds Opaque 70 LeggingsGerbe Collant Sans Pieds Opaque 70 Leggings
$35.77 now only $17.89
  • - 50 %
Opaque, matte leggings with silk gusset, available in 4 dark toned colors and size 0-4 (88-176 lbs/40-80 kg)

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