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Here you will find Hosieria's enormous range of tights and pantyhose. The choice ranges from from ultra-sheer tights to fully opaque tights as well as sassy fishnet tights and wool or cotton tights. You can select from festive, lurex and rhinestone enhanced designs, flashy patterns and colors or your naturally nude-shade everyday tights. Read more...

Our tights include the luxurious material enhancements of cashmere, Aloe Vera, silk, Mohair and Angora. The range of functionality consists of support, toning, shaping and make-up effects. But regardless of the appearance or the material, all of our brands focus on making the ideal tights for every shape. Popular brands like Nur Die, Kunert, Elbeo, Hudson and Glamory offer entire collections with high-quality and affordable tights that are often available in plus size.

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608 Products.

How often should you wash tights?

Though tights certainly make a fine alternative to wearing pants, the washing instructions are completely different. In order to stay clean and hygienic, tights should actually be washed after every wear. But the biggest mistakes comes when they are thrown in the laundry. This is a big NO GO as tights are much more like to run after they've been in the washing machine.
So how do you properly wash tights? The answer is simple: directly in the sink or bathtub. Just pour some warm water and mix it with detergent (a brand for sensitive skin is helpful for the hands), turn the tights inside out and scrub, while focusing on the crotch and feet areas. Then lightly rinse them out in more warm water and squeeze them into a ball with a fist. Unroll the tights and lay them flat on a towel to suck up any additional moisture. Fold the towel over the tights and pat them down, then hang them to dry and voila done!

What does denier mean?

You may have noticed that most tights are labelled with a certain number of denier, but what does it actually mean? Well, it refers to the weight and density of fabric in the tights. The higher the number of denier, the more opaque, thick, and durable tights will be. High denier, or ultra opaque, tights can range from 40 to over 200, especially when it comes to thick and warm winter tights. Mid denier, or semi-sheer/opaque tights have a 30-40 denier and go well during seasonal transitions like the beginning of fall and spring. Low denier, or ultra sheer/transparent, tights range from 5-30. They are extremely light, sometimes almost invisible, like providing makeup for the skin. This category is the most delicate and most likely to run.

How do you fix a run in tights?

Have a run in your favorite tights? No problem! It is easily fixable and you may already have all of the necessary products at home to do so. If you have a larger run, the first step involves putting your hand or a piece of cardboard through the tights so there is pressure around the run and then gently take some clear nail police on the edges of the tear. Something in between the two sides of the hosiery is necessary so that they don't get stuck together. You can also choose another color of nail polish; the most important thing is that the nail polish matches the legwear.
If you are lucky and have caught your run in advance, you can stop it from spreading by spraying on a light layer of hairspray, not too much otherwise the tights come sticky and gunky. Hairspray, however, will need to be re-applied each time the item is washed so it is best to use this as only a temporary method.
White out can also be applied in the same manner as nail polish, but like hairspray, this will also need to be re-applied after each wash. Be careful as well that the white out is either hidden or doesn't stand out.

How do I get my nylons to last longer?

Getting your tights and other delicate hosiery to last longer actually starts before you even buy them. If you often have issues with runs, you may want to consider buying thicker (higher denier) nylons in general. Ones that come with reinforced toes also help stop the possibility of runs. Furthermore, buying a size up helps to prevent any extra stretching so that the material holds to full capacity. As stated above, washing these delicate garments by hand is a huge plus. A rather unusual trick to increase longevity is to put new, unworn tights in plastic bag in the freezer until you wear them. The cold is said to help keep the fibers intact for a longer time period. After you've purchased your precious tights, a few simple tricks throughout the day can help them to last longer. It starts with putting the tights on slowly and carefully; make sure you're not wearing jewelry or clothing with zippers that could snag. It also helps to keep fingernails short and skin smooth. When you're out and about, consider when you decide to sit or lean. Materials like wood can easily snag delicate fabrics and start runs by gripping onto loose fibers. It is helpful to trim these excess fibers when possible with scissors. You can also add a dab of nail polish to the area before cutting to ensure that the material stays intact.

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