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Pantyhose for Both Business and Casual

Are you looking for simple, one-color tights for everyday life or for special events that underline your well-groomed outfit? Then we offer you a wide selection of brands with the most diverse designs from leading manufacturers. Made of high-quality materials for a super relaxed fit, these tights are comfortable for every type of figure. With these tights, you can present your legs with a discreet natural matte look, as well as elegant silk matte or a look of seduction.

The range extends from classic cuts with reinforced panties and lace ups to items with a completely unreinforced, seamless execution. Our tights are available in all popular basic colors that match every season. Wearable around the year, these items come specially equipped with features for the appropriate season. For summer, we offer ultra-transparent variants in different skin tones that come with an attractive tanning or refreshing cooling effect and for winter, there are thicker, more opaque pantyhose.

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To make your search a little easier, you can filter products by things like color, size and denier (transparency/opacity). If you are interested in tights that improve your figure, we also have this as an optimized category. The same goes for plus size tights. You can combine all of these categories as you wish. If you are particularly interested in opaque or transparent tights, the amount of denier affects the transparency. Here is a list for verification:
15 den= very transparent
15-25 den= transparent
25-45 den=semi-opaque
45-75 den= opaque
75+ den= very opaque

Pantyhose for Women

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264 Products.

What is the difference between pantyhose and tights?

There is only a slight material difference to pantyhose and tights. Currently tights and pantyhose are often used interchangeably in the UK and USA, but the basic difference is that pantyhose are sheer and consist of lighter material. Tights are a little thicker, potentially made of knit materials and are more opaque. The two terms have overlapped to basically encompass the same meaning, though.

What pantyhose do celebrities wear?

Celebrities such as Gwen Stefani, Blake Lively, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, and Zooey Deschanel are known for wearing tights on the regular. Zooey Deschanel even wrote a blog about how much she loves tights and pantyhose. Luckily for those not in the realm of stardom, the options of what to where are quite diverse. Zooey Deschanel often wears bright colors with neutral colored feminine dresses. Selena Gomez has been known to go for the more grunge chic look with classic opaque black tights and a black pencil dress. Blake Lively masterfully pulled off a look with patterened tights, a rainbow-hued toggle coat and black knee high boots. Katy Perry, typically known for her extravagant concert attire, also wears tights as a part of casual wear and was seen wearing classic black tights under a conservative navy shift dress. Gwen Stefani has of course mastered the fishnet pantyhose look.

Cecilia de Rafael 50 Samburu New Chacal opaque TightsCecilia de Rafael 50 Samburu New Chacal opaque Tights
Choose from a rainbow of colors! Order 3 or more in the same color and size and the price is only ¤ 6.00/unit
Giulia Relax 30 Sheer Support TightsGiulia Relax 30 Sheer Support Tights
Avoid leg fatigue on the big day with these wedding hosiery matte reinforced medium support tights that stimulate blood circulation
Cette Dijon 20 Crepe Plus Size Tights 3-PackCette Dijon 20 Crepe Plus Size Tights 3-Pack
Cette Dijon classically reinforced, Lycra-free, matte plus size tights with comfort gusset, size M,L, super and super XL
Golden Lady Sunfresh 10 TightsGolden Lady Sunfresh 10 Tights
Golden Lady Sunfresh 10 den ultra transparent tights without gusset for a flawless summer look, sizes 40-52
Nur Die Seidenfein Sheer Tights XLNur Die Seidenfein Sheer Tights XL
Nur Die nude transparent tights in XL with beautiful sheer gloss due to silk protein enhancement
Cette Support 140 Lycra® Compression TightsCette Support 140 Lycra® Compression Tights
Reinforced, strong compression Lycra® tights from Cette with a chic matte transparency, 2 color options
Golden Lady Transparent 15 Light TightsGolden Lady Transparent 15 Light Tights
(5 pack)
  • New
Golden Lady 15 den transparent, glossy tights with reinforced boy-cut brief and roll seams, sizes 40-48
Elbeo Soft and Resistant 20 TightsElbeo Soft and Resistant 20 Tights
Elbeo Soft and Resistant 20 sheer silky matte tights with increased run resistance due to Lycra® fusion fiber
Elbeo Soft & Warm Polyester TightsElbeo Soft & Warm Polyester Tights
Elbeo Soft & Warm ultra-opaque 100 denier polyester tights, with warming inner lining in 7 colors
Giulia Sensi 20 Sheer Low Rise TightsGiulia Sensi 20 Sheer Low Rise Tights
Giulia Sensi 20 sheer low rise tights with extra-broad comfort waistband, available in 4 dark colors

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