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Gilofa Compression Legwear

Since 1928 the brand Gilofa has produced high-quality hosiery with different medical components, with a special focus on compression and support. Due to their successful products, they have become on of the most known and beloved products of health and wellness hosiery. In addition to the medicinal aspects, the brand Gilofa is also especially known for comfort. Gilofa's products feel extremely soft to the touch and very comfortable to wear, while also keeping you in style. Whether you need particular hosiery for medical issues, traveling, exercise or just because you want to treat yourself, you've found the right place.

We have more compression hosiery in the following categories:

Compression Stockings

Compression Suspender Stockings

Compression Tights

Compression Knee High Socks


Levels of compression:

8-15 mmHg (mild support)
15-20 mmHg (medium support)
20-30 mmHg (firm compression)
30-40 mmHg (extra firm compression)

Please consult your doctor if you are unsure as to what level you require.

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10 Products.

How Does Support and Compression Hosiery Help with Medical Issues?

Those suffering from medical ailments such as varicose veins, skin ulcers, diabetes, and deep vein thrombosis have been found to receive relief from special compression stockings. The key is in the design in which these stockings are specially fitted to be tight on the feet, but become gradually looser up the leg. This helps to improve blood flow and keep blood from pooling in the legs, therefore reducing consequential swelling.

Tips for Usage

Support hosiery works the best if you can make it a part of your daily routine. Put them on right when you wake up. Place a pair near the bed so it's easy to remember. Wear them as often as possible unless you are bathing or sleeping and plan to replace them every 4 to 6 months. Some people have also found it helpful to wash this kind of hosiery before wearing. It loosens up the material a bit, making them easier to put on.

Gilofa 2000 Aloe Vera support Knee Highs unisexGilofa 2000 Aloe Vera support Knee Highs unisex
Gilofa 2000 support and travel stockings with aloe vera skin care protection and in 4 colors in sizes 36-47
Gilofa 2000 support Knee Highs unisexGilofa 2000 support Knee Highs unisex
Gilofa 2000 cotton support and travel unisex knee-high socks with many available color options from size 36-50
Gilofa 2000 microfibre support Knee Highs unisexGilofa 2000 microfibre support Knee Highs unisex
Gilofa 2000 microfiber light summer support and travel unisex knee-high socks in 4 colors and in sizes 36-47
Gilofa Fine 70 Compression Knee High SocksGilofa Fine 70 Compression Knee High Socks
Gilofa Fine 70 compression nylon knee high socks with many color options, in sizes 35-43
Gilofa Fine 70 Compression StockingsGilofa Fine 70 Compression Stockings
Gilofa Fine 70 strapless compression stockings with lacy thigh band, available in many colors and in sizes XS-XXXL
Gilofa Fine 70 support tightsGilofa Fine 70 support tights
Gilofa Fine 70 pantyhose with high support class and slip section with 7 color options and in sizes 36-52/XS-XXXL
Gilofa Fine 70 support tights in plus sizeGilofa Fine 70 support tights in plus size
Gilofa Fine 70 support tights in 2 lovely colors with plus sizes available including sizes 38-50
Gilofa Fine 140 support hold-upsGilofa Fine 140 support hold-ups
Gilofa Fine 140 light and elegant support stay-ups with many available color options with sizes 35-43
Gilofa Fine 140 den Compression StockingsGilofa Fine 140 den Compression Stockings
Gilofa Fine 140 strapless compression stockings of support class 3 with lacey thigh bands, in sizes XS-XXXL/36-50
Gilofa Fine 140 Compression TightsGilofa Fine 140 Compression Tights
Gilofa 140 den opaque compression tights, available in 7 lovely colors and sizes 36-50

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