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Knit Socks

Our wide selection of knit socks is typically made of cotton with according elastane counts. We also have options made of rayon and wool that are extra comfy to wear. The benefit of cotton is that it can be worn the whole year round due to the breathability of this material. During the colder winter months we recommend our wool socks due to the high-quality material that is sure to last, while also keeping your feet warm and cozy. Opt for brands like Nur Die, Hudson and Falke for guaranteed high-quality products.

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Within our large selection we have all sorts of colors and patterns with everything from classic, neutral tones to funky, modern designs. Narrow down your selection by choosing options from the drop down boxes on the left hand side to filter for criteria like material, size, and price.

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100 Products.

What is the difference between flat and circular knitting?

Many socks are described as being flat knit and this is important to distinguish from circular knitting. The main difference is that flat knitting is made with a machine that knits the fabric in flat sheets, resulting in a thicker material. circular knitting involves a machine that knits fabric in a continuous circle, resulting in light-weight fabrics like that those in t-shirts. That is why many socks are made with flat knits because they have to be thicker than t-shirt material.

What are the best knit socks for running?

When choosing socks for running, it is important to make a distinction between materials because the wrong choice could cost your feet blisters and chafing. Contrary to popular belief, it's best to avoid 100% cotton socks, because they are known for causing blisters. The best running socks are those made out of polyester, acrylic, and CoolMax as they are all breathable and transport moisture outside the sock. During the winter, wool actually makes a great sock for running and also keeps you warm. Luckily for you, we have all of these options available in this category.

What are the best knit socks for formal attire?

Believe it or not, there are many unspoken rules to the appropriate socks for formal attire, specifically for men. When deciding on a pair of formal attire socks there are a few important things to keep in mind. Let's begin with color. First, black is typically always acceptable, but there are so many more options than that. When in doubt, match your socks to the color of your pants. If you would like to wear bright colors, opt for something with a contrasting color, but not too bright or choose a pattern that is hinted at somewhere else in your outfit. Now let's cover length. No one wants to see a bit of scraggly hair peeking out above the ankle so a good business sock should come at least halfway up the calf, or up to the lower edge of the knee if you can manage. Lower than that looks quite unsightly. When it comes to material, it depends a bit more on personal preference. Wool is a great choice because of it's wicking (moisture removal) properties, but some find this material too bulky. Others prefer cotton because it's lighter but it's not as great at transporting moisture. One solution is a material blend, but this differs per company so you may need to test try a few pairs before you find the right one.

Nur Der Cotton Maxx Comfort Socks for MenNur Der Cotton Maxx Comfort Socks for Men
(3 pack)
Nur Der Cotton Maxx Comfort basic cotton core-yarn socks for men with reciprocated toes, 3 color options
Giulia Argyle Cotton SocksGiulia Argyle Cotton Socks
Giulia argyle cotton socks with reciprocated heels and non-reinforced toes, size 36-39
Giulia Black Houndstooth Cotton SocksGiulia Black Houndstooth Cotton Socks
  • New
Giulia interesting black houndstooth cotton socks with stitched toes and matte appearance, size 36-39
Nur Der Bamboo Comfort Socks for MenNur Der Bamboo Comfort Socks for Men
(3 pack)
Durable and ultra-soft rayon socks with soft tops, elastane and reciprocated heels, 5 color choices and sizes 6.5-11.5
Giulia Cotton Socks with Floral PatternGiulia Cotton Socks with Floral Pattern
  • New
Giulia cotton socks with anklet floral pattern, reciprocated heels and stitched toes, size 36-39
Giulia Rose Patterned Cotton SocksGiulia Rose Patterned Cotton Socks
  • New
Giulia rose patterned cotton socks with reciprocated heels and stitched toes, size 36-39
Kunert Men Homesocks with CashmereKunert Men Homesocks with Cashmere
Anti-slip socks with plush soles.
Kunert Sensual Cotton SocksKunert Sensual Cotton Socks
  • New
Kunnert Sensual Cotton socks in black with roll tops, stitched toes, and a matte appearance, sizes 5-10,5
Kunert Homesocks Sneaker Socks For MenKunert Homesocks Sneaker Socks For Men
Kunert Homesocks short. With plush on the outs
Kunert Fashion Ornamental Diamond SocksKunert Fashion Ornamental Diamond Socks
  • New
Kunert Fashion ornamental diamond nylon and cotton socks in black with Lurex for a special shine, sizes 5-10,5

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