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Compression Tights with Light, Medium and Strong Support

Are you looking for tights that are both stylish and healthy? Then check out our great selection of top-quality compression tights. Available in sheer, semi-sheer and opaque appearances, even as warming cotton knit, these tights provide a re-vitalizing, anatomically graded compression that helps to stop leg fatigue and swollen ankles.

The strength of the support functionality is dependent on the amount of mmHG, while denier is responsible for the weight of the fabric. Due to consistently improved yarns and knitting technologies, our manufacturers have succeeded in making effective compression hosiery that looks just as fashionable and sophisticated as regular tights.

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You can choose the individually required compression functionality ranging from light (Support grade 1) medium (Support grade 2) to strong (Support grade 3). The size ranges from XS up to plus size.

Whether you prefer classic, subtle, or bright colours, our compression tights ensure that your legs will feel as wonderful as they look.

Support for Stylish Figures

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66 Products.

How often should you wash compression tights?

All compression garments should be washed per daily use. You can either wash them by hand or in a washing machine using the delicates setting at 40°. Don't use fabric softener or dry them in the sun, as well as no dry cleaning or bleaching. Placing the items in a garment bag while washing can help further protect them during washing cycles and opt for a mild laundry detergent.

What are compression tights used for?

Compression legwear has a long list of practical uses. It can be helpful for anyone who has to stand for long periods of time, people with poor circulation, medical conditions like vericose veins, particularly when traveling, women who are pregnant to stop feet swelling, and also athletes during and after exercise to stop chafing and to ease muscle pain and quick recovery time. Compression tights or other compression garments function by keeping pressure around the chosen limbs through the tightly wrapped material in various levels of support in order to increase circulation. Items that use a compression of 20-30 mmHG or higher usually require a prescription from a doctor.

Giulia Relax 30 Sheer Support TightsGiulia Relax 30 Sheer Support Tights
Avoid leg fatigue on the big day with these wedding hosiery matte reinforced medium support tights that stimulate blood circulation
Elbeo Active Care 30 Transparent Compression TightsElbeo Active Care 30 Transparent Compression Tights
Elbeo 30 den transparent compression tights with cotton gusset, available in 4 colors and sizes 38-50
Golden Lady Repose 70 Compression TightsGolden Lady Repose 70 Compression Tights
(5 pack)
Golden Lady Repose 70 den nylon compression tights in plus sizes (40-52) with cotton gusset and comfort waistband
GIULIA Mama 20 Pregnancy TightsGIULIA Mama 20 Pregnancy Tights
Giulia transparent tights for pregnancy with easily expandable waist band as the baby grows
Compressana Microcotton Compression TightsCompressana Microcotton Compression Tights
Medium level compression tights with microfibre surface and cotton-Lycra inner surface, 4 color options
Giulia Relax 50 medium support tightsGiulia Relax 50 medium support tights
Cleverly made invisible semi-transparent support tights from Giulia give your legs a flawless, airbrushed look any time day or night
ELBEO Fitness Plus Size TightsELBEO Fitness Plus Size Tights
Elbeo fitness extra wide plus size tights with medium support capabilities, available in 6 nude tones
Compressana Calypso 40 Light Compression TightsCompressana Calypso 40 Light Compression Tights
Compressana compression tights with light compression (ca. 8-10 mm Hg) and in plus size S-XXL (36-50)
Bellinda Compression Plus Size TightsBellinda Compression Plus Size Tights
Tone your buttocks and hips while wearing these plus size tights with compression capabilities
Compressana Calypso 140 Strong Support TightsCompressana Calypso 140 Strong Support Tights
High-quality 140 denier strong support (ca. 15-18 mm Hg) tights by Compressana.
Elbeo Panty Extra Wide Plus Size TightsElbeo Panty Extra Wide Plus Size Tights
Extra wide and opaque strong support plus size tights in 4 nude tones with extra room around the waist
Giulia Extra 40 Light Compression Plus Size TightsGiulia Extra 40 Light Compression Plus Size Tights
Giulia 40 den transparent compression plus size tights with in black or brown with comfort gusset
Gilofa Fine 140 Compression TightsGilofa Fine 140 Compression Tights
Gilofa 140 den opaque compression tights, available in 7 lovely colors and sizes 36-50
Cette Support 140 Lycra® Compression TightsCette Support 140 Lycra® Compression Tights
Reinforced, strong compression Lycra® tights from Cette with a chic matte transparency, 2 color options

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