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Shapewear Leggings

Our high-quality shapewear leggings are perfect matches with shorts, dresses, skirts and open toed footwear. The integrated toning zones in the brief section help to flatten the tummy, push up the buttocks and flat the thighs.

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Shape Up Your Style

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8 Products.

Who invented shapewear?

The shapewear that we know today has been dramatically transformed from it's former ancestors. Girdles, or lingerie that spans the hips and waist like a corset, were said to have originated from ancient times in Babylon, where women wore them for protection and fertility. Corsets can be traced back to the 1550s, where the wife of King Henry II of France, Catherine de' Medici, banned thick waists from the courts, but some experts believe they go as far back as ancient Greece. During the 16th century corsets were made of materials like silk and cloth, with the hard boning structure in them literally coming from bone, specifically whale bone, with ribbon used to tie up the back. The goal was to have a waist of 16-17 in, but this extreme standard often caused broken ribs and an inability to breath, think Keira Knightley in the Pirates of the Caribbean. Modern shapewear that we are familiar with originated in 2000 as spanx and became internationally popular after being endorsed by Oprah. Now we see shapewear on all different types of women, even on the runway.

Cecilia de Rafael 90 Pirata Up Shapewear Capri LeggingsCecilia de Rafael 90 Pirata Up Shapewear Capri Leggings
Experience the joy of shapewear technology through these tummy tucking and glute lifting shapewear capri leggings just in time for summer
Giulia Leggy Go Up #2 Shapewear LeggingsGiulia Leggy Go Up #2 Shapewear Leggings
  • New
Giulia silk matte, sheer to waist, ultra-opaque leggings with shapewear effects and sewed on waistband
Giulia Leggy Push Up Shapewear LeggingsGiulia Leggy Push Up Shapewear Leggings
  • New
Giulia leggings with shapewear effects that push up the buttocks, available in black or grey and sizes S-XL
Levante Move up Shapewear LeggingsLevante Move up Shapewear Leggings
Levante Move up shapewear opaque black leggings that effectively shape tummy and buttocks, 3 sizes available

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