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nylonsNylons - Luxury and beauty.
Already after World War II the offerers worked diligent to create this image. But the nylons were not the finest knitwear. Silk stockings were much more softer - and cheaper. But nylons were new, chic and had a good advertisement, for example the nylon temple in New York during the World exhibition in 1939. With that much propaganda it does not astonish that american women (after a public-opinion poll) missed two things most of all: their husbands and nylons. Because nylons were not available during the War and women were asked to donate the nylons they had already owned. These nylons helped the war effort, they were used as parachutes, tire cord, shoe laces, mosquito nets, hammocks etc.

And why should women wear stockings when their husbands are at war with Japan and Germany anyway. After these hard times of being without luxury, it was time for the resoundingly success: thousands and thousands of women wanted nylons. The Nylonriots got famous. Compared to these disturbances at the malls is the summer clearance sale peanuts. At that time nylons were popular in Germany but unaffordable. Until the currency reform the nylons were a real value beside zigarettes. And today?

Real nylons are rare, especially in everyday life. Compared to stockings and tights of the 21.Century, nylons are hard and very delicate. You can even compare the developement of nylons with the car developement. Real nylons technically correspond to the Volkswagen Beetle. The world-wide fan commune is very large, so that nylons are still manufactured with original machines. The producers in France include Cervin and Gerbe, the products are available at Hosieria.

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