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The Knee High

knee highOne of the most exciting products of the human clothing are the knee-highs. Almost all the time the knee-highs aggravate the people because they slip. Still before scarcely 50 years the todays knee-highs were unimagable. How should the knee-highs stay up at all? Men wore their knee-highs with suspender belts.

You could strap them on like the ladies strap-on stockings. Why however the Ladies strap-on stockings got more popular and more erotic to men than strap-on knee-highs are the small fashion imponderabilities. Probably it is missing somebody like Madonna, who makes the knee-highs attractive for men. What happened if Robby Williams announces: "I love knee-highs... with suspender belts!" And from then on he wears knee-highs during all his public performances....

At the moment men knee-highs are rather unpopular, German men even wear socks with suits. You would never see that in Italy. Because even in the hottest summer the Italian men wear knee-highs with their suits, the men in Spain do the same. Why German men always bring the excuse, it is too warm for knee-highs is completely incomprehensible compared to the well-known climatic differences to Spain and Italy. There are knee-highs made of many different materials and thicknesses, from the really warm winter knee-highs for snowy weather to fine summer knee-highs.
Likewise noble materials are available such as silk, fleece wool or improved cotton. Particularly recommendable for office jobs are knee-highs with supporting effect. They help to remain active simply longer, because they support the blood circulation in the legs in gentle ways. Read also Net Pantyhose and Leggings.

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