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Bahner new support stockings and support tights

BahnerBahner Leg Wear has existed for almost 300 years. Louis Bahner established the concern ELBEO in 1890 in Oberlungwitz, near Chemnitz . It was one of the first tights producer worldwide. Around the turn of the century the tights were so famous that even royal dynasties ordered tights from ELBEO. The companies Bi, GBL, Siebenpunkt and Tilly were also established by Bahner. Despite the hard competition with all these companies, they all have the same slogan: Not the most, but the best.
Consequently, BAHNER STRUMPF GMBH, established 1999, chose the same slogan for their new support stockings and support tights.

The obvious trend:
The stocking market has been shrinking since the 90s. So what caused Jrg Bahner, already the 13th generation in his family business, to re-start the Bahner Quality Line?
Here is the answer:
1. the consumers are more conscious of their bodies, they want more beautiful legs.
2. the consumers are more health-conscious, they want healthier legs
3. and the consumers are more price-conscious, they are looking for a more beautiful but just as effective alternative as the thicker, medical socks.

"We have to develop new products that are not only beautiful but also healthy and inexpensive, in fact for those who stand, walk and sit."

The BAHNER 70den program- with high support:
* the meshes are getting finer and become more like sheer tights but they are still continously supporting.
* The compression has been improved around the ankle and calves.
* The supporting compression adds up to 15mmHg

The BAHNER 40den program- with medium support:
* new yarn and new manufacturing leave out the reinforced toes and heel, therefore the tights can be worn in open shoes.
* the new yarn is more elastic, softer and more silky.
* the supporting compression adds up to 11mmHg.

Bahner Hosiery has been an inherent part of the Hosieria range of products since 2005.


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