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suspendersSuspenders serve to hold the stockings onto the clothes. You can hook the suspenders with little clips onto the stockings. On the other end the suspenders are attached to a bodice (children), a corset or a garter belt. Before the pantyhose became the most successful leg wear, the suspenders were the common method to hold up stockings. In the previous Century Gustav Eiffel raised a monument dedicated to the suspenders: the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

The famous tower is a topsyturvy garter belt, completed with the most modern material at that time: steel. With the increasing spread of the stockings in the middle of the 20th Century the suspenders got more popular too. Today the women replace the suspenders with modern technological stay-up stockings or with a plain pantyhose. It is possible to go without suspenders, because stay-up stockings are designed with a special silicone or rubber band. But there are still a lot of women who swear by the traditional fixation with the suspenders.

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