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Straps-ons Stockings

stockingsThe strap-on stockings are the first product for fine ladies clothing. The strap-on stockings reach from the toes until the middle of the thigh. It is kept in position with suspenders. The technology to create the strap-on stockings originate from England. The technology was being improved in Germany, Saxony, and a remarkable part of the global manufacturing in the beginning of the 20.

Century came from that region. The inventions of the 50┤s made the strap-ons become redundant. The circular knitting machine and the yarn texturizing made the processing of the stockings possible. The strap-on stockings started to be forgotten and were only interesting for lovers. It is the same with the machines, there are only a few left which are still used to manufacture strap-ons; real nylon strap-ons for lovers.

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