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Seamed nylons

Seamed nylonsSeamed nylons stand for erotism. The special attention applies to the seam, which leads the attention to the calf. Genuine seamed nylons combine the seam with the classical Cuban heel. With this kind of heel the reinforced sole runs out at the heel.

Today the seams are no longer a regular element of the manufacturing. They often are decoration: in-knitted, flocked or imprinted. Only few seamed nylons are still manufactured exactly the same way as 60 years ago. Genuine seamed nylons are traditionally manufactured on Cotton machines. The name Cotton does not have anything to do with cotton, but the machine is named after its English inventor William Cotton. Almost 90 years this machine was the most important invention in the leg wear history. The specialty was, that it could knit several nylons at once. The back seam resulted from the fact that the machine could only knit flat.

In the end of the 50's the Cotton machine got redeemed by the technologically circular knitting machine. Seamed nylons came out of fashion because of high-quality circular-knitted stockings and tights (woollen stockings). Today the retro-style seams refer to the special charm of this seam, which can make a leg slimmer and always be an eyecatcher. Seamed nylons are manufactured from (almost) original nylon and can be compared from the material with the nylons of the 40's and 50's. More modern manufacturer of seamed nylons combine the look of the 50's with modern fibers.
These nylons are softer and more gentle. They do not get all the cuttlings on the heel. Who wishes for real nylons can purchase the Gerbe-Tentation at Hosieria, which is manufactured exactly like 50 years ago. Read also Sock Clips

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