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Compressana Support Hosiery

Ever more frequently civilized humans suffer from vulnerable and particularly troubled legs. The modern everyday life does not leave enough space and time for sufficient movement. Sitting or actively standing, hereditary disposition, pregnancy or overweight does the remaining - very fast serious venous disease can occur. The first signs are not usually visible. Compressana made the health prevention with their program to their business. In times of declining health plans the meaning of personal precaution rises. Most humans ignore their venous disease until it is too late.

Therefore Compressana promptly developed supporting tights in the cosmetic supporting classes. Besides Compressana offers the singular combination of cotton and high support. After all the "Go Well" products are a special line of functional support stockings and socks for men, especially designed and developed for allergic persons and diabetics.

Since 2004 Compressana products are available at Hosieria.

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