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Support tights

support tightsSupport tights are only for old people, that is nothing for me... That is the mistaken image of support tights. It is one of the worst images among all other pieces of clothing.
But why is that? Support tights are misleadingly compared to compression hosiery. Both products have in common to put pressure onto the legs from the outside. It is like a protective cover. Why do support tights and compression hosiery put pressure onto the leg? The answer is inside the leg. The veins rest upon the connective tissue, if this tissue is too weak varicose veins can develop. Support tights evenly put pressure from the outside onto the legs and support the connective tissue.

If you wear the support tights in sufficient time they act preventive. If you have aching legs after long standing periods or traveling you should think about wearing support tights. There are 3 groups of support tights (1=light, 2=medium and 3=strong), however they are not officially standardized. But please do not mistake the support groups with the medical compression hosiery. Most manufacturers test their products comprehensively. But still, the correct fit is important. Therefore you can find standard sizes, queen sizes and in-between sizes at Hosieria as well as special sizes for men.

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