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127 Products.

What are the current season's trends?


Bold, bright colors are all the rage these days. Following the top fashion designers, many of whom have begun to wear sunglasses inside, it's easy to understand why with all of these bright colors flashing around. Opt for colors like fuchsia, emerald, magenta, tropical yellow, turquoise and mandarin orange to keep in style. We would recommend keeping up this vibrant style from head to toe.


Many stylists are bringing back the 80s, especially the grunge/punk look. This includes dark toned items that are pre-ripped or stained. Pair legwear with combat boots or dark tennishoes, along with neutral colored tops to properly achieve this look.


Stylists can't get enough of floral print lately and they're creating looks that show their floral print obsession. Pair stylish legwear with floral prints with neutral colored high heels, sandals, or flats. This is another opportunity to combine two looks by keeping your colors bright.

Nur Die Hauchzart Sheer Low Rise TightsNur Die Hauchzart Sheer Low Rise Tights
Fine low rise tights from Nur Die that go perfectly with open shoes and come in 3 colors
Falke Matt Deluxe 20 Stay upsFalke Matt Deluxe 20 Stay ups
Beautify your legs with these classy smooth, sheer stockings with lacey thigh bands with silicone bands to keep them in place
Giulia Impresso 20 Transparent Low Rise TightsGiulia Impresso 20 Transparent Low Rise Tights
Fine, 20 den transparent low rise tights that reach hip level with comfort band made with silicone strips
Nur Die Sneaker FootiesNur Die Sneaker Footies
Cotton and nylon blend sneaker footies from Nur Die in black, white and nude tones, size 35-41
Giulia Leggy Fashion Model 1 LeggingsGiulia Leggy Fashion Model 1 Leggings
Giulia leggings without gusset with the look of jeans in olive, black and fox brown and sizes S-XL
Cecilia de Rafael 90 Pirata Up Shapewear Capri LeggingsCecilia de Rafael 90 Pirata Up Shapewear Capri Leggings
Experience the joy of shapewear technology through these tummy tucking and glute lifting shapewear capri leggings just in time for summer
Golden Lady Sunfresh 10 TightsGolden Lady Sunfresh 10 Tights
Golden Lady Sunfresh 10 den ultra transparent tights without gusset for a flawless summer look, sizes 40-52
Mura Flowers LeggingsMura Flowers Leggings
Exotic, opaque leggings from Mura with two colored floral pattern and comfort waist band, available in sizes S and M
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Elbeo Sneaker Light Cotton Sneaker SocksElbeo Sneaker Light Cotton Sneaker Socks
Elbeo light cotton sneaker socks with reciprocated heels and hand-linked toes, tons of bright color options

Fashionable Summer Legwear to Help You Look Your Absolute Best

We know that no matter the season, tights and leggings are a wardrobe essential, but as the sun begins to shine, the clouds part, and the plants begin the bloom, special seasonal products are all the more trendy. We have every type of tights, leggings, stockings and socks that you could potentially need in various bright colors and nude tones. The products listed here all consist of lighter materials to help keep your cool during the warmer seasons.

Just in time for summer, we have updated our wedding hosiery collection: Wedding Hosiery

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With everything from footies, to funky socks, to jeggings, capris and shorts, at Hosieria we have all of the accessory that your bottom half requires during the spring and summer season. There are many products available for both women and children, as well as with plus size options. As you stock up your dresser drawers for the upcoming warmer weather, don't hesitate to stop and take a look around here.