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falke airport socksEvery woman, man and child wears socks. Not only in Germany but all over the world. If you just guess you would come to over millions of socks. Therefore it is not astonishing that there is a numerous variety of socks.

Socks are old in the history of civilization, no wonder because cold feet exist since the first person was born. Socks were already verified at the romans. Until 1940 feet rags were also used. Because the industrial manufacturing is more complicated than anyone could think. The developement of form-fitting socks with in-knitted heels and linked or reinforced toes lasted more than a few centuries. The machine made socks were first tried in the 17th Century. It was a technical competition to produce more and cheaper socks. Today socks are an everyday article. The assortment is practically unlimited.

Socks are made of different materials: besides cotton you can use virgin wool and polyamide of course. Socks are also made of cellulose fabrics that is extracted from wood (Modal) or bamboo. There are many different techniques to manufacture socks. High quality sock are also reinforced in the heel area, to guarantee a longer durability. The bands also differentiate from each other.

The technical demand: form fitting without slipping or constricting. If you are looking for the perfect socks, there is a large selection of models, colors and patterns at Hosieria.

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