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Sock clips

You will never loose your socks again, thanks to Sockstar®, the washable sock clip. You know the problem after doing the laundry- there is a big pile of different socks and you are not in the mood nor have the time to sort them. Every now and then single socks disappear in the washing machine - without any trace. You put 20 socks into the washing machine and only get 19 out of it. The lonely-ones end up alone in your drawers. Thanks to Sockstar®, the patented product innovation by Dolphin Innovations, there is an end of it.
Sockstar®, the washable sock clip, keeps the pairs of socks together: in the laundry basket, during the launder and spin-dry, in the dryer or on your clothing line and in drawers. The smart helper for every household is easy to handle and is fun- for the whole family.
Sockstar® is made of high quality synthetic materials and can be used in washing machines and dryers up to 90 degrees celsius (194 degrees Fahrenheit). There are four different colors, and every family member can pick his or her favorite one to prevent confusions.
That´s how it works: tuck Sockstar® onto your pairs of socks - even before you put them into the laundry basket - then into the washing machine. After that into the dryer, or you can hang them onto your clothing line thanks to the little hook, it is space saving and practical, afterwards you put the socks together with the sockclips in your closet.

Financially speaking it is a good purchase because the sock clip costs less than a Euro. An innovation that helps to keep everything in order and looks good on your clothing line - that will make every neighbor envious.

Developed by the marketing expert Katrin Mengel and the executive consultant Thomas Wingerter, who were annoyed with the sock-loosing and sorting problem. They did themselves and their customers a huge favor.


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