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Plain Footless Tights/Leggings

Plain leggings or footless tights, in full length or capri length, have become a must have basic. Whether in classic or bright coloured versions, with sheen or matte appearaces, this ultra-comfy legwear item goes hand in hand with numerous fashion styles! Leggings as footless tights are usually of fine, stretchy fabric and made with a gusset or a back panel just like most other tights. The brief part always requires to be covered so it is recommended not to wear these items on their own, but rather underneath other clothing.

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36 Products.

Why are leggings better than jeans?

Though jeans have a longer history, more and more people are beginning to prefer leggings because they offer so many more perks than jeans. The biggest reason is so that you can move freely. Jeans are quite restricting in the movement department so if you're a person who has to move around a lot, obviously leggings are a much better choice. Another reason is that leggings change with the size of your body. Unlike jeans that if you gain or lose a few pounds and no longer fit, leggings do because of their wonderful stretching capabilities. Furthermore, leggings are often cheaper than jeans. If you go for basic leggings you can get as many as 2-3 pairs of leggings for every pair of jeans.

What is the difference between leggings and yoga pants?

Though it is no problem to wear leggings for a yoga class, there is a big difference in how they are made. Yoga pants have either flares at the bottom, or have more of a capri-like length that stops about 2/3 of the way down the calf. They are also extremely stretchy and contain a top that folds over the lower stomach area. Leggings don't necessarily need to be stretchy. Thicker materials used for leggings that are meant to be worn as pants won't be as forgiving as yoga pants. The leggings then of course have no fold over top.

How can you repair leggings?

Yes and it is actually quite simple. All you need is clear nail polish and a baby size nail file. Start by putting a tiny dab of nail polish on the hole and blow it dry. Repeat this a multiple times. It is important not to just put a huge globe of nail polish on at once because then the repair will be noticeable and not as strong. Little tiny spots will make the repair completely disappear. Repeat this on the inside of the leggings as well and then let it sit for a day or night. Once it's completely dried then use the baby sized nail file to file down any nail polish that dried with a point. This can end up poking your leg and be painful if you don't file it down. And that's it!

Rumpf Footless Elastic Ballet Dance TightsRumpf Footless Elastic Ballet Dance Tights
Footless, opaque ballet dance tights from Rumpf with matte appearance, available in black, white and rose, for children and women
Kunert Sensual Cotton leggingsKunert Sensual Cotton leggings
  • New
Kunert Sensual Velvet cotton leggings with cotton gusset, flat seams, and comfort waistband, sizes XS-XL (36-50)
Bonnie Doon Slim Fit Basic CapriBonnie Doon Slim Fit Basic Capri
Bonnie Doon basic slim fit low-rise capri leggings in black or white without gusset, sizes 38-50/S-XXL
Elbeo Elegance Soft & Warm LeggingsElbeo Elegance Soft & Warm Leggings
Elbeo polyester leggings to keep you warm during winter, made with a comfort gusset and reinforced boy-cut brief
Nur Die Leggings 80Nur Die Leggings 80
Experience soft legs with Nur Die's jojoba oil infused leggings made with the flexibility of Lyrca (size 38-48/S-L)
Giulia Seamless Microfiber LeggingsGiulia Seamless Microfiber Leggings
Extremely smooth seamless microfiber leggings from Giulia without gusset, 3 color options and sizes S-XL available
Hudson Micro 100 LeggingsHudson Micro 100 Leggings
Hudson 100 den black opaque leggings with cotton gusset, comfort waistband and flat seams, in size XL (48-50)
Bonnie Doon Slim Fit Basic LeggingsBonnie Doon Slim Fit Basic Leggings
Wonderfully smooth calf-length slim fit opaque cotton leggings from Bonnie Doon, 4 color options
Hudson Cover 300 Opaque LeggingsHudson Cover 300 Opaque Leggings
$23.25 now only $13.95
  • - 40 %
Hudson ultra-opaque Lycra leggings with comfort waistband and nylon diamond gusset, 2 color options
Hudson Sally LeggingsHudson Sally Leggings
$15.91 now only $9.54
  • - 40 %
Hudson Sally opaque leggings with cotton gusset, sewed on waistband, and rolled seams, size S 38-40
Bonnie Doon Leggings with broad Rib TrimsBonnie Doon  Leggings with broad Rib Trims
Fine Ribs available in a great range of trendy Colours
Bonnie Doon Silky LeggingsBonnie Doon Silky Leggings
Silky smooth quality and comfort available in many fancy colours: Bonnie Doon leggings with silk, up to size L (42-44)
Gerbe Collant Sans Pieds Opaque 70 LeggingsGerbe Collant Sans Pieds Opaque 70 Leggings
$39.03 now only $19.51
  • - 50 %
Opaque, matte leggings with silk gusset, available in 4 dark toned colors and size 0-4 (88-176 lbs/40-80 kg)
Nur Die Cotton LeggingsNur Die Cotton Leggings
Classic black Nur Die ultra opaque leggings with extra-wide waist band with elasticity, sizes S-L (38-48)

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