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men tights The men tights are the last social provocation remaining in the 21.Century. Although men tights are a very traditional piece of clothing. Already Robin Hood wore tights after Hollywood conception in the 50's. Men tights were never seriously in fashion and even today the opinions about men tights split. It is incomprehensible why men tights raise hackles. In the end it is just a garment.
Besides the men tights do a lot for their carriers. The tights warm and protect the skin against all direct environmental influences. Some tights are knitted with a special supporting function. This helps the blood circulation, for example on long journeys by car, railroad or airplane or a long day at the office. The majority regards men tights as a purely functional article of clothing that brings advantages in the everyday life over other articles of clothing, for example: long underpants.

Those who wear men tights succeed with the handling. However the carriers often report about a certain rejection in their environment. Only a few people can imagine men wearing tights without a smile on the face. Sociologists could probably compare the situation with the acceptance of ladies in pants before World War I. That was also socially not accepted and represented for certain circles a taboo break. In addition, even long pants for man were proscribed until the French Revolution.
The men tights have their fans today. And some representatives wear tights offensively in public in combination with shorts. Whether if and when the society can occur men tights is a question of time and the attitude of the public opinion to this topic.

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