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Crotchet Tights

These crochet knitted tights turn legs into fabulous eye-catchers. Choose your favourite openwork design from our selection. Our selection includes romantic lace, micro fishnet patterns, and other sophisticated openwork patterns. As these tights are made from superb material compositions from very light net to cosy wool texture, they are truly trendy hosiery for any season of the year.

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Openwork Knit, Lace, and Micro Fishnet

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20 Products.

Where did crocheting originate?

Experts believe the earliest documented records of crocheting were from the early 1800s, but it is highly likely that it began well before that and originated from either Iran, South America or China, or maybe a combination of all three. Crochet involves the process of using a hook to thread yard or many other types of threads or even grass in beautifully decorative patterns. The word itself originates from French from the word croche, which literally means hook.

How do you wash crochet clothing?

Crocheted items are of a special delicacy so if you want them to not be shredded to pieces, it is best to avoid putting them in the washing machine. But this can be difficult when it is hygienic to wash hosiery after every wash. So the best option is hand washing in cold water. If your washing machine has an option for this, it is easy to wash it with this method, but as many don't you can just add crocheted items into your hand wash sessions that should already be happening for bras and other undergarments. Opt for a detergent that contains lanolin, a natural oil produced by sheep that contains capabilities that help naturally preserve fibers and also increases water resistance in the material. Once you've got your washing materials ready, load a bath of cold water and gently dunk the crocheted item in the detergent-filled water. Don't scrub or wring out the item once finished. Drain the bath and re-fill again with cold water for rinsing and repeat the dunking process until the water is free of soap. Once you're finished, dry the crocheted hosiery by laying it flat and then rolling it up in a towel to get out excess water. Do not wring the towel, either and keep these garments out of direct sunlight while drying and during storage.

Trasparenze Shamisen Crochet Wool TightsTrasparenze Shamisen Crochet Wool Tights
$35.36 now only $21.22
  • - 40 %
Lovely Trasparenze crochet wool tights in black or ruddy red with cotton gusset, size 3, 4 or maxi
Kunert City Glam Linear Structure TightsKunert City Glam Linear Structure Tights
Kunert City Glam Linear Structure very opaque tights with fine vertical stripes in mocha color
Giulia RUFINA 100 #16 Fashion TightsGiulia RUFINA 100 #16 Fashion Tights
Giulia 100 den opaque tights with stylish crochet pattern on the upper thighs, 2 color options and sizes S-L
Giulia RUFINA 100 #11 Fashion TightsGiulia RUFINA 100 #11 Fashion Tights
Giulia 100 den opaque tights with fashionable crochet knit pattern down the sideleg, sizes S-L available
Cette Ottawa Crochet TightsCette Ottawa Crochet Tights
Opaque fashion tights with vertical crocheted stripes and holes from Cette with cotton gusset, sizes S/M
Levante Lana Traforata Warm Touch Wool TightsLevante Lana Traforata Warm Touch Wool Tights
Sophisticated openwork knit wool tights from Levante with knit waistband, 3 color options and sizes 1-4
Hudson Fashion Star TightsHudson Fashion Star Tights
Opaque fashion tights with allover openwork stars with cotton gusset, last item size XS (36-38)
Bonnie Doon Layered Lace TightsBonnie Doon Layered Lace Tights
Intricate lace knit tights with delicate leg blossom pattern with 5 awesome color options, size S-XL
Platino Calais Fantasia Lace TightsPlatino Calais Fantasia Lace Tights
Intricately delicate transparent lace tights from Platino with comfort waistband, sizes S-M (38-42)
Falke Fashion TightsFalke Fashion Tights
Fashionable black tights from Falke with interesting crochet design from head to foot, size S available

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