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Never sort your socks again with these sock clips from Sockstar that organize your socks even during washing. These sock clips work for socks of all sizes and materials and come in multiple colors so each family member can have their own. These sock clips are resistant for up to 90 degrees and even work in the drier or for hanging clothes on the line. Save time, space and money by ordering Sockstar sock clips.

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3 Products.

Sockstar: Making Sock Sorting A Thing Of The Past

Located in Hamburg, Germany Sockstar is a small company that is a part of the larger patent group, Dolphin Innovations. Created by Thomas Wingerter and Katrin Mengel, Sockstar was born out of the constant annoyance to separate socks after each wash. Through a team of experienced business and marketing consultants, the duo came up with a high-quality and easy to product known as sock clips.

Sockstar Sock ClipsSockstar Sock Clips
Sockstar sock clips so you never have to sort and organize your socks again, resistant to heat in washer and dryer
Sockstar Sock Clips Family PackSockstar Sock Clips Family Pack
Sockstar sock clips family pack of 20 clips in 4 colors, never sort socks again and can be used in the washer and dryer
Sockstar Blue and Red Sock ClipsSockstar Blue and Red Sock Clips
The Sockstar® manages your socks all the time, everywhere: sock clips for use in the washer, dryer, or on a clothesline

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