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Ars Vivendi Nylons

ars vivendiARS VIVENDI was established in 1995. Their concept says "Back to the 50's".

The company chose their product selection because of the founders opinion about the pantyhose. They were not sexy and tempting enough.

Thats why they decided to manufacture real nylons, like the ones in the 50's; made in England, with back seam and cuban heels, in delicate and gentle, velvety shiny 15 denier. That is persuasiveness.

The nylons are produced on Cotton machines (after the inventor William Cotton). These machines are 10 meters in length (about 10 yards) and weigh up to 12 tons. The last Cotton machine originates from 1956 and is located in England. The stocking is manufactured with over 16.000 needles. The afterwards inserted seam holds the stocking together. Modern stockings also have a decorative stitching, these seams do not hold the stocking together, they are just replicas. First each stocking is made in white. Subsequently the dyeing takes place. Genuine seam nylons by ARS VIVENDI are available in four variants: Cuban Heel (sharp-edged high-reaching reinforced heel, broad foot bed), Pointed Heel (pointed high-reaching reinforced heel), Havanna Heel (broad, sharp-edged high-reaching heel and narrow foot bed) and Outlines (additional external line along high-reaching heel and the foot bed). The multiple variation options of the heel and the different colors are further aspects, which become very estimated by seam nylon lovers. The hole at the top of the stocking ("the welt") is conditional upon machines and serves the elasticity and increases the wearing comfort. In addition this hole is an unmistakable indication to the fact that it is a seam stocking made of 100% nylon.

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