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Levante Vanessa 20 StockingsLevante Vanessa 20 Stockings
$9.37 now only $8.43
Sheer silky matte Appearance - available in various Colours
Levante Solare 6 PantyhoseLevante Solare 6 Pantyhose
$16.72 now only $15.05
Silky matte and ultra-sheer 6 denier
Levante Romantic 15 Stay-UpsLevante Romantic 15 Stay-Ups
$16.05 now only $14.45
Silky matte Sheerness in elegant Colours
Levante Solare 6 Stay-UpsLevante Solare 6 Stay-Ups
$21.27 now only $19.15
Gossamer and ultra-sheer - available in four Colours
Levante Snella 70 Medium Support and Tummy shaping TightsLevante Snella 70 Medium Support and Tummy shaping Tights
$16.05 now only $14.45
Graded medium Support and effective Tummy Toning
Levante Every 20 TightsLevante Every 20 Tights
$10.57 now only $9.51
Sheer to Waist Satin Sheen available in a great Range of Basic Shades
Levante Romantic 50 Stay-UpsLevante Romantic 50 Stay-Ups
$21.27 now only $19.15
Silky matte and opaque Microfiber/Lycra Blend
Levante Genial 20 No Waistband TightsLevante Genial 20 No Waistband Tights
$14.58 now only $13.12
Ultra-flexible Wearing Comfort -guaranteed nonchafing
Levante Portofino 8 Toeless TightsLevante Portofino 8 Toeless Tights
$15.92 now only $14.33
Gossamer and ultra-sheer for a perfect Summer look
Levante Gaudi 50 MicrofiberTightsLevante Gaudi 50 MicrofiberTights
$10.70 now only $9.63
Silky smooth Meryl Microfiber in various Trend Shades
Levante BRASIL SUMMER 8 TightsLevante BRASIL SUMMER 8 Tights
$12.71 now only $11.44
Ultra-sheer for a naturally tanned Appearance
Levante Romantic 20 Stay-UpsLevante Romantic 20 Stay-Ups
$16.05 now only $14.45
Vitalizing light Support and silky matte Elegance
Levante Matisse 10 Make Up TightsLevante Matisse 10 Make Up Tights
$16.72 now only $15.05
Ultra-sheer with flattering tanning Effect
Levante Styling Fantasia TightsLevante Styling Fantasia Tights
$18.73 now only $13.11
Silky sheer Elegance with a romantic Fantasy Touch
Levante Rete Fishnet TightsLevante Rete Fishnet Tights
$11.91 now only $10.72
Fine textured Fishnet, Gusset-free

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