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Cette Support 140 LycraŽ Support-TightsCette Support 140 LycraŽ Support-Tights
$36.43 now only $32.79
Reinforced, Strong Support LycraŽ Tights of chic matte Transparency
Cette Revolution Support-PantiesCette Revolution Support-Panties
$27.04 now only $24.33
Figureshaping support-panties.
Cette Dublin Queen Size TightsCette Dublin Queen Size Tights
$21.29 now only $19.17
Opaque Micro Fibre LycraŽ Tights of plain Elegance of additional Width
Cette Berlin Seamed StockingsCette Berlin Seamed Stockings
$10.48 now only $9.44
Fine seamed stockings of matte Transparency featuring a classic Nylon Appearance
Cette Paris Hold-up StockingsCette Paris Hold-up Stockings
$28.32 now only $25.49
Hold-up stocking with satin effect and transparent toe.
Cette Panama TightsCette Panama Tights
$9.40 now only $8.46
Thin Lycra pantyhose, fine and transparent.
Cette Evolution Shaping PantyCette Evolution Shaping Panty
$40.55 now only $36.50
High support panties.
Cette Paris Size Plus Hold-up StockingsCette Paris Size Plus Hold-up Stockings
$28.32 now only $25.49
Hold-up stocking with satin effect and transparent toe.
Cette Cristal StockingsCette Cristal Stockings
$10.75 now only $9.68
Satinized fine Stockings of plain Elegance
Cette Brighton PantyhoseCette Brighton Pantyhose
$12.77 now only $11.50
Thin Lycra pantyhose for queen sizes, with gusset. Suitable for fuller thighs & broader hips.
Cette Miami Hold-UpsCette Miami Hold-Ups
$18.25 now only $16.42
Thin stay-ups with plain, elegant top band.
Cette Long Beach Summer TightsCette Long Beach Summer Tights
$18.25 now only $16.42
Ultra-transparent, matte 9 Denier Summer Tights enhanced with Aloe Vera
Cette Sao Paulo TightsCette Sao Paulo Tights
$10.07 now only $9.07
Fine LycraŽ pantyhose.
Cette Relax Long Support-PantiesCette Relax Long Support-Panties
$33.79 now only $30.42
Lycra long support-panties.
Cette Dijon Crepe Plus Size Tights, 3-PackCette Dijon Crepe Plus Size Tights, 3-Pack
$14.80 now only $13.33
3-Pack of Classically reinforced, Lycra-free, matte Plus Size Nylon Tights , 20 Denier

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