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Everything for your sportive activities.
Falke Run SocksFalke Run Socks
$16.61 now only $14.95
Unisex Run Socks with left and right Toe Progression
Falke Active Warm Socks for ChildrenFalke Active Warm Socks for Children
$16.61 now only $14.95
Warm, dry feet for active kids. Made of climate regulating virgin wool.
Falke Active Warm+ Children's Knee-HighsFalke Active Warm+ Children\'s Knee-Highs
$19.38 now only $17.44
Warm, dry feet for active kids. Made of climate regulating virgin wool.
Bahner Power Line Support Knee-HighsBahner Power Line Support Knee-Highs
$34.60 now only $31.14
Classic Strong Support Knee-High of fine Cotton for Men and Women with subtle diagonally striped Pattern
Compressana Sport Knee-HighsCompressana Sport Knee-Highs
$27.68 now only $24.91
Sports knee-highs of performance-enhancing strong Support.
Compressana GoWell Med X-Static SpezialsockenCompressana GoWell Med X-Static Spezialsocken
$20.76 now only $18.68
Fine special socks with pure silver for sensitive feet. Anti fungal effect: grade 1.
Falke Run Classic SocksFalke Run Classic Socks
$13.84 now only $9.69
The perfect All-Round Socks: skin-friendly Cotton with extended Comfort Cushioning
Falke Sport Walkie SocksFalke Sport Walkie Socks
$20.76 now only $18.68
High-volume trekking short socks.
Falke Walkie Light Sport Short SocksFalke Walkie Light Sport Short Socks
$19.38 now only $17.44
Lightly padded trekking socks.
Bahner Sports Line Knee-highsBahner Sports Line Knee-highs
$40.14 now only $36.12
Highly firm Compression for a faster Regeneration
Nur Die Air Comfort Women's Sneaker SocksNur Die Air Comfort Women\'s Sneaker Socks
$4.83 now only $4.35
Soft and durable Rayon Knit with breathable perforated Knit Soles
Falke Kids Active Sunny Days extra Short SocksFalke Kids Active Sunny Days extra Short Socks
$11.07 now only $9.96
Soft Cotton-Rayon blend Basics for athletic Footwear - available in attractive Colours
Falke Kids Active Everyday SocksFalke Kids Active Everyday Socks
$13.84 now only $12.46
Ergonomically shaped Soles and Toes
Compressana GoWell Med Multi FunktionssockenCompressana GoWell Med Multi Funktionssocken
$19.38 now only $17.44
Decompress, adaptive multifunction socks.
GoWell Reflexology Zone SocksGoWell Reflexology Zone Socks
$27.68 now only $24.91
Cotton Socks with Reflexology Chart print on the Zones

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