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Find your perfect knee-high socks for any kind of occasion and season by top brands in this category: choose from various exquisite materials such as snug cotton, warming pure wool, fishnet, tulle stretch or Nylon in sheer and opaque textures. appearance. Plain basic for everyday purpose or featuring decorative and eye-catching patterns.

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Our manufacturers use the best knitting technologies and exquisite material compositions to ensure a long last, a perfect look and a high wearing comfort. Knee-highs with supporting compression or climate regulating functionality are as well available in this category.

Golden Lady 30 Knee-Highs XL Double PackGolden Lady 30  Knee-Highs XL Double Pack
$3.23 now only $2.58
Comfy Extra-Width and broad Stretch Tops
Kunert Fly & Care 40 Knee-HighsKunert Fly & Care 40 Knee-Highs
$17.47 now only $13.98
Reliable strong Support and lovely Looks
Compressana Calypso 140 Strong Support Knee-HighsCompressana Calypso 140 Strong Support Knee-Highs
$14.98 now only $11.98
High-quality strong support (ca. 15-18 mm Hg) knee-highs by Compressana.
Falke Shelina 12 Knee-HighsFalke Shelina  12 Knee-Highs
$8.74 now only $6.99
Ultra-transparent knee-highs with a lovely Shimmer.
Nur Die Seidenfein Sheer Knee-HighsNur Die Seidenfein Sheer Knee-Highs
$2.48 now only $1.98
Silky Gloss transparent Knee-Highs with Soft Tops
Kunert Glatt & Softig 20 Knee-HighsKunert Glatt & Softig 20 Knee-Highs
$6.24 now only $4.99
Smooth knee-highs.
Oroblu MiBas All Colors 50 Knee-HighsOroblu MiBas All Colors 50 Knee-Highs
$8.67 now only $6.94
Opaque knee-highs with a wide range of colours available.
Nur Die Satin Sheers Knee-HighsNur Die Satin Sheers Knee-Highs
$3.73 now only $2.98
Premium knee-highs in brilliant optics.
Falke Seidenglatt 15 Knee-Highs for WomenFalke Seidenglatt 15 Knee-Highs for Women
$9.98 now only $7.99
Falke knee-highs for women. With seductive mother-of-pearl sheen.
Kunert Cotton Sole 20 Knee-HighsKunert Cotton Sole 20 Knee-Highs
$9.36 now only $7.49
Transparent knee-highs with cotton soles.
Oroblu Repos 70 Knee-HighsOroblu Repos 70 Knee-Highs
$9.92 now only $7.94
Knee-highs with special compression and aromatherapy.
Kunert Warm Up 60 Knee-HighsKunert Warm Up 60 Knee-Highs
$10.61 now only $8.49
The new Warm Up! Warm Up 60 knee-highs!
Falke Softmerino Knee-HighsFalke Softmerino Knee-Highs
$18.72 now only $14.98
Soft merino knee-highs - timeless and elegant.
Bahner Young Line Support Knee-HighsBahner Young Line Support Knee-Highs
$16.22 now only $12.98
Fashionable transparent 40den Support Knee-Highs with vitalising and forming medium Support. Suitable for open Footwear.
Nur Die Knie 20 Knee-Highs (doublepack)Nur Die Knie 20 Knee-Highs (doublepack)
$3.11 now only $2.48
Doublepack of transparent Knee-highs

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