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ActivSkin: tights for men

ActivSkinACTIVSKIN®, a product of the company G. Lieberman & Sons, is a traditional private company in fourth generation. The company was established in 1920 in St.Louis, Missouri, USA. Today the concern is located in Granville, Ohio, USA.

In the beginning G. Lieberman & Sons sold the complete selection of tights, support socks, underwear and night wear. But the success of the Comfilon products made the company change their wide variety of products. The concern started concentrating on producing only tights for men. The Comfilon® tights are counted among the first tights ever developed especially for men. As today, the anatomical differences of the man were considered with the production of the tights. Thats why all ActivSkin® products distinguish in correct fit from ladies tights. ActivSkin® has several "little" differences compared to traditional tights. A lower cut, a roomy crotch, optionally with open fly, that is the custom-made pantyhose by ActivSkin®. It guarantees optimal wearing comfort. Today ActivSkin® provides a wide range of special men products. These products convince of the functionality. Steve Lieberman labeled the production run "Performance/Active Wear for men".

ActivSkin® is sold in 52 countries and is one of the market leaders in the range of men tights. Emphasis here is the functional hosiery. Besides the importance of support functions is the processing of microfibers.

Thanks to the excellent support function, the cooling and warmth function as well as the stimulation of the blood stream in the legs ActivSkin® is interesting and worn by athlets and health-conscious men all over the world.

ActivSkin® is one of Hosieria's permanent offers since Fall 2003.

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